General Orders of the Commander in Chief 2014-2033

The Commander-in-Chief of the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War (SUVCW) issues General Orders to inform, educate, cite and honor members and nonmembers of the SUVCW, to announce policy and upcoming events, and to clarify items of interest.

This page contains the General Orders from PCinC Tad Campbell forward.

Series 2022-2023 ( Commander-in-Chief Bruce D. Frail)

Series 2021-2022 (Commander-in-Chief Michael A. Paquette)

Series 2020-2021 (Commander-in-Chief Brian C. Pierson)

Series 2019-2020 (Commander-in-Chief Edward J. Norris)

Series 2018-2019 (Commander-in-Chief Donald W. Shaw)

Series 2017-2018 (Commander-in-Chief Mark R. Day)

Series 2016-2017 (Commander-in-Chief Donald L. Martin)

Series 2015-2016 (Commander-in-Chief Eugene Mortorff)

Series 2014-2015 (Commander-in-Chief Tad D. Campbell)