Real Sons and Daughters

Of those who fought during the Civil War, many had children prior to leaving for war, many had children when they returned. As is true of many warriors, these men, and the few documented women, may have had more than one spouse, some of these in their advanced age. All of these children are known as Real Sons and Real Daughters.


There is currently 1 real son as a member of our organization.  He is William Pool of Bolivar, MO.  His father was Charles Pool, Co. D, 6th WV Vols.  Brother Pool is in a facility and enjoys receiving mail.

There is currently 1 real daughter as a member of the Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War.

She is Emogene C. Horton or Marshall, AR.  Her father was Jackson Carroll, Co. M. 2nd Regt. AR. Cav. Sister Emogene looks forward to receiving cards.

Addresses will be provided upon request.


The Sons of Confederate Veterans report that on September 15, 2019 their last known real son died.

He was Calvin Craine of Roanoke, VA.  His father was James Craine, Ringgold's Battery, Co. B. 13th Battery, VA Light Art.  Calvin was the last of his father's 21 children between 2 wives.


As to the other Allied Orders I can only suggest that their first generation members are all deceased.  At one time there were millions of real sons and daughters, Union and Confederate, but now only two are known to be alive.

Inquiries may be directed to: Brother Jerry Orton, PDC,  Chaiman of our Real Sons and Daughters Committee