General Orders of the Commander-in-Chief (1994-2013)

The Commander-in-Chief of the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War (SUVCW) issues General Orders to inform, educate, cite and honor members and nonmembers of the SUVCW, to announce policy and upcoming events, and to clarify items of interest.

This page contains the General Orders from PCinC Keith G. Harrison to PCinC Ken L. Freshley.


Series 2013-2014 (Commander-in-Chief Ken L. Freshley)

Series 2012-2013 (Commander-in-Chief Perley E. Mellor)

Series 2011-2012 (Commander-in-Chief Donald Palmer Jr.)

Series 2010-2011 (Commander-in-Chief Brad Schall)

Series 2009-2010 (Commander-in-Chief Leo F. Kennedy)

Series 2008-2009 (Commander-in-Chief David V. Medert)

Series 2007-2008 (Commander-in-Chief Charlie E. Kuhn)

Series 2006-2007 (Commander-in-Chief James B. Pahl)

Series 2005-2006 (Commander-in-Chief Donald E. Darby)

Series 2004-2005 (Commander-in-Chief Stephen A. Michaels)

Series 2003-2004 (Commander-in-Chief Kent L. Armstrong)

Series 2002-2003 (Commander-in-Chief Robert E. Grim)

Series 2001-2002 (Commander-in-Chief George L. Powell)

Series 2000-2001 (Commander-in-Chief Edward J. Krieser)

Series 1999-2000 (Commander-in-Chief Danny L. Wheeler)

Series 1998-1999 (Commander-in-Chief Andrew M. Johnson)

Series 1997-1998 (Commander-in-Chief Richard D. Orr)

Series 1996-1997 (Commander-in-Chief Alan R. Loomis)

Series 1995-1996 (Commander-in-Chief David R. Medert)

Series 1994-1995 (Commander-in-Chief Keith G. Harrison)