National Counselor Opinions

Opinions from the National Counselor help clarify the Constitution and Regulations.

2023-24 Opinions - Donald E. Darby, PCinC, Counselor

2022-23 Opinions - Edward J. Norris, PCinC, Counselor

2021-22 Opinions - Mark R. Day, PCinC, Counselor

2020-21 Opinions - Donald E Darby, PCinC and Mark R Day, PCinC, Counselors

  • Opinion No. 1: Licensing name Sons of Veterans and acronym S. U. V.
  • Opinion No. 2: Possible conflict of New Jersey By-laws and National Regulations
  • Opinion No. 3: Attachments to the Membership Badge
  • Opinion No. 4: Recognition Button and Buttonhole Button in lieu of Badges of the Order
  • Opinion No. 5: Obligations for paying per capita to the National Organization

2019-20 Opinions - Donald E. Darby, PCinC, Counselor

Commander-in-Chief Edward J. Norris requested no opinions.