Young Zemeriah Thomason

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Young Zemeriah "Bud" Thomason

Young Zemeriah "Bud" Thomason was born on February 26, 1831 in Union, Georgia. He was the son of Zemeriah and Jannett (Montgomery) Thomason. He and his family moved to Burlington, Boone County, Arkansas in 1851. In 1858, he and his second wife, Mary Polly Bassam, moved to Taney County, Missouri, where their six children were born. He would go on to have seven more children.

On February 4, 1864, at Ozark, Missouri, he enlisted in Company C, 16th Regiment, Missouri Volunteer Cavalry. He was discharged on August 3, 1864.

Young Zemeriah "Bud" Thomason was killed in a tragic hunting accident in 1881. He and his wife are buried at Booth Cemetery, Taney County, Missouri. The spelling of his last name appears as "Thomison” on his burial stone. The exact reason for this can only be speculated and its certainty remains unknown.

Photograph and information submitted by Young Zemeriah "Bud" Thomason's great great grandson, Robert Fickies.

Young Zemeriah "Bud" Thomason and Family , circa 1878