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Martin V. B. Thorn

Letter from Martin V.B. Thorn (Company B, 57th Regiment Indiana Volunteer Infantry) to his sister, Martha Ann Alice (Thorn) Kinsey. He did not survive the War. He died of yellow fever in a New Orleans hospital on July 7th, 1865.

    Near Nashville Tennessee Head Quarters 2nd Brig May The 7th/65

    Dear Sister, I take my seat this evn'g for the Purpose of answering your kind letter witch a received this Evening. your highly esteamed note found me enjoying good health and I was truly glad to here your health was good .

    We are alaying here in camp and a having a gay old time. Sericily I think by the fourth of July I will be at home and then wont I have a gay time after my soldering is over. I guss I will . Oh, I long for the time to come when I can put on citizen Clothes again. I am not geting a shamed of the true Blue yet, but i would like to get a suit of citizen dry goods on again. I no I would feel awful querre. Well it is geting so Dark I will have to quit and go in my pup tent and light a candle.

    Well I have a Candle Lighted and I think I can do mutch better I got a letter from Dave dated the 1st of this Month he is at Pulaski he is well and harty. I wish to god they would catch Daniel Clark and hang him so high that he will never get down alive I would like to tie the knot that shuts his Wind off. When us veterns Soldiers get home the feather Bed Pimps will have to Walk prety strait for if they dont it will stay stoped for it is a Wicked thing to shoot men down the Way we have been a doing it.

    Dave said that he saw Where we planted the Rebels at franklin I think if he had a been in that fight he would a thought it was-ent very funey. Dave has saw some fighting but not very mutch.

    I think I have saw my share in this Cruel War. my how I am Wiling to quit if the Rebles is.

    Well Alice you may look for me home by the fourth of July my how I have Wrote enough for this time. Wright soon and let me no if you can read all of this Letter.

    Dreck to Head Quarters 2nd Brig 2nd Div 4th A.C. Nashville Tenn
    so good by Dear sister from your True Brother

Photograph and letter submitted by the great great great nephew of Martin V. B. Thorn, from W. Dundee, Illinois, Bob Sharp.

Martin V. B. Thorn (on right)