Simon & George Foglesong

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Simon Peter Foglesong and George W. Foglesong

Simon Foglesong enlisted in Company C, 180th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, 23rd Army Corps on October 7, 1864, in Tiffin, Seneca County, Ohio. He was age 26, married with three children. Three of his four brothers had preceded him into the service; Jacob Foglesong into the 49th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, George Foglesong into the 21st Michigan Infantry, and John Foglesong into the 8th Michigan Infantry. The 180th Ohio, under General Schofield, was involved in the battle of Goldsboro, North Carolina in March 1865. After the battle, Simon was admitted to the Regiment's field hospital and then moved to the Division hospital. Simon died on March 28, 1865, twelve days before Grant accepted Lee's surrender at Appomattox.

George W. Foglesong enlisted February 12, 1864, at age 22, in Company K, 21st Michigan Infantry Regiment, Second Division, 14th Army Corps. His Regiment was detached and assigned to the Engineer Corps. They built a bridge across the Tennessee River and constructed the barracks on Lookout Mountain. They were placed in the field and were engaged in the battle against Hood at Nashville and also at the battle of Goldsboro, North Carolina, and other minor engagements. He was discharged at Washington, DC, in July 1865. George was an active member of the Heald Post No. 253, Department of Michigan, Grand Army of the Republic.

Simon Peter Foglesong

George W. Foglesong

Photograph of Simon Peter Foglesong submitted by great grandson Wayne Barrett and great great nephew David F. Wallace. Photograph of George W. Foglesong submitted by great great nephew Wayne Barrett and great great nephew David F. Wallace.
David F. Wallace