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Marshall Henry Moon

Marshall Henry Moon was born April 10, 1840 in Granger, Ohio, son of David Moon and Sarah Mossman. His siblings were Julia A., Mary J., Lois A., Clarrinda, William Mark and Frank D. Moon. Marshall enlisted on August 24, 1861 as as Private in Company B, 4th Illinois Cavalry. He was 23 years old. He was promoted to Sergeant and served in Illinois Commission 3rd Cavalry Regiment RA. He was later promoted to and served as First Lt. in Company B, 4th Illinois Cavalry and Company H, 3rd U.S.C. Cavalry from March 22, 1864 to February 15, 1865. He was wounded July 29, 1862 at Hatch's Bottom. He was wounded a second time, severely (Vulnus sclopeticum left breast) at the Battle of Beauff River, Arkansas, December 13, 1863. He later was on leave of absence in Vicksburg, Mississippi, November 18, 1864, suffering from chronic anemia and fever. His papers stated that he was discharged April 13, 1865. Marshall was married to Anna E. Allen of New York. They had two children, Charles Henry and Gentilhska Gentie L. Moon. They lived in Wauponsia Township, Illinois. Marshall died October 23, 1873 in Evergreen Cemetery (Block 3, Lot 6) in Morris, Illinois. Photograph and information submitted by Marshall Henry Moon's Great Niece, Jane Slaughter.

Marshall Henry Moon
Photograph taken in Vicksburg, Mississippi