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John William Motley

John William Motley was born 1842. He served in the 9th Provisional Enrolled Missouri Militia, as well as the 76th Enrolled Missouri Militia. The following is from his Federal pension application. He died in 1922.

In the New Law Claim of John W. Motley for Pension,
Private Co. C. 9 Prov Reg. E. M.M.
Territory of Oklahoma
County of Washita

Before me the undersigned authority in and for Washita County, Oklahoma Territory personally appeared John W. Motley, who after being duly sworn and being of lawful age and being of sound mind deposes and says that he is the identical John W. Motley, who served as a private in Company C, 9th Provisional Regiment of Enrolled Missouri Militia, and that the said claimant was enrolled at California, Missouri and was in the home service but was subject to the orders of the Regular and Volunteer officers of the United States Army and was brought into action at Marshal, Sallien County, Missouri and under the direct command of Brig. Gen'l John McNeal, the said action occurred in October 1863, when in battle with Gen'l Joe Shelby of the Confederate Army. This Command was never mustered into the United States service Volunteer but are entitled to pensions under the enabling act past by Congress for the Benefit and relief of the Fifteen regiments of Missouri State Militia (who enlisted for the war in Missouri) the nine Regiments of Prov. enrolled Missouri Militia, which were in service from 1863 to 1865; and the Missouri Home Guard organizations, which were raised for three and six months service and later your claimant served in Company G 76 Regiment Enrolled Missouri Militia, enrolled for duty on the 20th day of June 1864, at Bowers Mill, Missouri and was ordered into active service as a private and served until the 28th of February 1865, and while in active service your claimant was ordered under the orders of Major Morgan, U.S.A. or U.S.V. and sent to the Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory, to hold in check Gen'l Samwaddy, [Stand Watie] the Indian Confederate Commander and later was ordered into Arkansas and backed of Col. Craven of the Confederate Army and saved Southwest Missouri and Kansas while Gen'l Price was making his great raid through the State of Missouri and said Regiment was commanded by John D. Allen as Col. and George F. Bowers as Captain of Company G, my commander of the first named service 9 Prov. E. M.M. was Col. Thomas Fletcher, and Captain Hugh Yarnell commanding Co. C. my Company.

X. John W. Motley

Subscribed and sworn to before me on this 17th day of September 1900
F. B. Duke
Notary Public
My Comm. expires Jan 15, 1901.

Photograph and information submitted by John William Motley's great great grandaughter, Heather Blair.

John W. Motley, Wife Mary Jane (Fullerton) and Children