James R Sennett

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James E. Sennett

James E. Sennett was born December 23, 1844. His parents were John Sennett Sr. of Cornwall, England and Mary Kester of Berlin, Germany. He served as a Private in Company G, 48th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry during the Civil War. He had a sister, Mary E. Sennett, and a brother, John W. Sennett Jr. John Sennett Jr. served in Company B, 53rd Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, was wounded and captured at Spottsylvania, and later died at Salisbury in December of 1864. James Sennett lived in Pottsville, Pennsylvania. He was a member of Grand Army of the Republic Post #144 at PortCarbon, Pennsylvania. He died September 3, 1919. His son, Robert E. Sennett, served as an officer in the Spanish American War. Photograph submitted by James R. Sennett's great great great grandson, Michael McHenry.

James R. Sennett