Charles Hawkes Bigelow

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Charles Hawkes Bigelow

Near the start of the Civil War, on May 15, 1861, Massachusetts Governor Andrew proclaimed the need for volunteers to form six regiments in answer to President Lincoln's call to raise an army of 500,000 troops to defend the nation against the rebels. On June 21, 1861, Charles Hawkes Bigelow enlisted as a private in Company C, 10th Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, at the age of 36. This regiment would eventually be attached to the VI Corps (1st Brigade - 3rd Division) for most of the war.

On June 20, 1864, he was transferred to Company G, 37th Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry * (when that unit was reduced in numbers during the battles of Spotsylvania, North Anna River and Cold Harbor). This regiment also was attached to the VI Corps (3rd Brigade - 1st Division).

On June 19, 1865, he was again transferred, this time to Company C, 20th Regiment Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry ** (after that regiment had been decimated during the battles of Deep Bottom and Ream's Station), where he remained until after the end of the war. He was mustered out of service on July 16, 1865 in Washington, DC.

Charles Hawkes Bigelow was born in Deerfield, Massachusetts, October 4, 1824. He was the oldest son of Horatio N. and Phoebe (Cook) Bigelow. He had seven brothers and sisters, one of which was Eleanora Bigelow, the contributor's great-great-great grandmother.

Following the war, Charles became a member of the William L. Baker Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) Post No. 86 of Northhampton, Massachsuetts. He died on May 11, 1895 and is buried at Bridge Street Cemetery, Northampton, Massachusetts.

Photograph and information submitted by Charles Hawkes Bigelow's great-great-great grandnephew, Gary Parrott, member of the General William Pasmore Carlin Camp No. 25 (Department of California and Pacific), Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War (SUVCW) and currently serving for the 2004/2005 term as National GAR Highway Officer for the SUVCW.


*Major Battles: Fair Oaks, Virginia (May 31, 1862), Savage Station, Virginia (June 29, 1862), Malvern Hill, Virginia (July 1, 1862), Fredericksburg, Virginia (July 4, 1862), Gettysburg, Pennsylvania (July 2 - 3, 1863), The Wilderness, Virginia (May 4-6, 1864), Spotsylvania Court House (May 8-19, 1864), North Anna River, Virginia (May 27, 1864) and Cold Harbor, Virginia (June 2-8, 1864).

**Major Battles: Fort Stevens, DC (July 12, 1864), Snicker's Gap, Virginia (July 20-22, 1864), Charlestown, WWest Virginia, (August 21, 1864), Winchester, Virginia (September 19, 1864), Hatcher's Run (February 5-7, 1865), Petersburg, Virginia (March 25 to April 2, 1865), and Sailor's Creek, Virginia (April 6, 1865).

Charles Hawkes Bigelow

(The photograph shows Charles Hawkes Bigelow in his GAR uniform with his GAR membership badge and his Army of the Potomic VI Corp Badge. His kepi insignia indicates he was a member of the William L. Baker, GAR Post No. 86.).