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Barnard C. Gardner

Barnard C. Gardner was born in Lenox, New York. He was a carpenter by trade. He enlisted at Babylon, New York on August 24, 1861 in Company H, 1st Regiment U.S. Sharp Shooters. He was 19 years old. At his enlistment, he was 5 feet 7 inches tall and had grey eyes and brown hair. He was mustered out of service September 15, 1864. His Muster Roll Record is presented below (following photograph). After the war, he joined the Grand Army of the Republic (Post #372) in Addison, New York. Photograph and information submitted by Barnard C. Gardner's great great grandson David Moore.

B. C. Gardner in 1863 Barnard C. Gardner in 1890
Photo at left: this photo was taken in the Spring of 1863 near Falmouth, Virginia. Seated on the right is Sergeant Barnard C. Gardner, 1st Regiment, Company H, 1st USSS Berdan Sharpshooters. He is dressed in the dark green of the Sharpshooters and wearing a campaign hat with a 3rd Corps insignia badge. The sergeant on the left, wearing blue, is unidentified. The cavalry dispatch rider standing behind Barnard is his cousin, Charles Bort.

Photo at right: In this reunion picture from Philadelphia dated 1890, Barnard is standing on the right next to two other gentlemen. The tall figure in the center, although unidentified, is a Pennsylvania Bucktail (note the hat). Barnard was an honorary member of the Bucktails.
Muster Rolls Information:

    September, 1861: Most of the regiment concentrated at Weehawken, N.J. September 24-25, 1861: Moved to Washington, D.C. October 1, 1861 Mustered into NY State Service, Rank: Private October 31, 1861 (Company Muster Roll), Rank: Barnard Appointed to Corporal Company H, 1st US Sharp Shooters Pay: paid only from date of muster two months ago November 29, 1861 (Company Muster-In Roll) Washington D.C. "Camp of Instruction, North of Washington, D.C." 1st US Sharpshooters served unattached to the Army of the Potomac Fitz John Porter's Division, Martindale's Brigade January and February, 1862, Present for Muster (to receive pay), Rank: "Corporal Barnard C. Gardner" March, 1862, Present for Muster 1st US Sharpshooters served unassigned to the 3rd Army Corps, 1st Division March 20, 1862: Marched through Washington, D.C. to Alexandria, Va. March 22, 1862: Left Alexandria and sailed down the Potomac March 24, 1862: Landed at Hampton and set up Camp Porter March 27, 1862: "Big Bethel" reconnaissance April, 1862, Present for Muster April 3, 1862: Inspection by General McClellan April 4, 1862: Great Bethel and Howard's Bridge skirmish April 5, 1862: Warwick Road April 5, 1862 to May 4, 1862: Siege of Yorktown May, 1862, Present for Muster 1st US Sharpshooters assigned to the 5th Army Corps, 1st Division, 3rd Brigade May 5, 1862: Battle of Williamsburg May 27-29, 1862: Battle of Hanover Court House June, 1862, Present for Muster June 25 to July 1, 1862: "Seven days before Richmond" June 26, 1862: Battle of Mechanicsville June 27, 1862: Gaine's Mill June 29, 1862: Peach Orchard and Savage Station June 30, 1862: Turkey Bridge and White Oak Swamp (Barnard begins duty with the Company-H Commissary) July, 1862, Present for Muster (Barnard continues duty with the Company-H Commissary) July 1, 1862: Malvern Hill July 1 to August 15: Duty at Harrison's Landing August, 1862, Present for Muster (Barnard continues duty with the Company-H Commissary) August 15-28, 1862: Movement to Centerville August 28 to September 2, 1862: Pope's Campaign in Northern Virginia August 29, 1862: Battle of Groveton August 30, 1862: Manassas, Bull Run September, 1862, Present for Muster September 6-22: Maryland Campaign September 12, 1862: Harper's Ferry September 14, 1862: Battle of South Mountain September 16-17, 1862: Battle of Antietam (Barnard wounded in the left arm) September 19, 1862: Sharpsburg, Shepherdstown Ford (September 29, 1862: Barnard promoted to Sergeant) October, 1862, Present for Muster October 29 to November 17, 1862: Movement to Falmouth November, 1862, Present for Muster December, 1862, Present for Muster December 12-15, 1862: Battle of Fredericksburg December 29-30, 1862: Expedition from Potomac Creek to Rappahannock River, Richard's and Ellis' Fords January, 1863, Present for Muster (Barnard is on duty with rank of Sergeant-Major of the Battalion) January 20-24, 1863: Mud March At Falmouth Camp until April, 1863 February and March 1863, Present for Muster 1st US Sharpshooters assigned to 3rd Army Corps, 3rd Division, 3rd Brigade April, 1863, Present for Muster (April 1st, 1863: Barnard promoted to 2nd Sergeant, Company H) April 27 to May 6, 1863: Chancellorsville Campaign May, 1863, Present for Muster May 1-5, 1863: Battle of Chancellorsville June, 1863, Present for Muster 1st US Sharpshooters assigned, 3rd Army Corps, 1st Division, 2nd Brigade June 11th, 1863: General Movement of Army Northwards June 15, 1863: Plains of Manassas June 19 - 24, 1863: Camp near Gum Spring (Barnard, acting as an "irregular" scout was captured by Mosby's Rangers around June 20th.....he was saved by the NY 69th as he was about to be hung) June 30, 1863: Camp near Emmitsburg July, 1863, Present for Muster July 1-3, 1863: Battle of Gettysburg (Barnard wounded in the shoulder, July 2, 1863) (Barnard at hospital July, 1863 to early August, 1863) (Barnard is Detached from duty with Company-H and assigned to the recruiting service….chosen by Colonel Berdan August 10, 1863) September and October, 1863 Barnard: After conscripts on Rikers Island, New York November and December, 1863 Barnard: On duty in Brooklyn, recruiting service January and February, 1864 Barnard: On recruiting service in New York, Rikers Island March and April, 1864 Barnard: On recruiting service in New York, Rikers Island May and June, 1864 Barnard: On recruiting service in New York, Rikers Island Barnard: Beginning May 1, 1864: On the Hospital muster roll (sick) Augur US General Hospital, Alexandria, Va July and August, 1864 Barnard: Sick and at Augur US General Hospital, Alexandria, Va September, 1864: Barnard still sick Mustered out with the company and paid to include September 15, 1864, date to which the company was paid on discharge. (November 10, 1888 from the War Department Records)