Adam Russell

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Adam Russell

Adam Russell served in Company F, 154th Ohio Volunteer Infantry. He had four relatives in the Union Army:


  • Cyrus Harrison Russell (Born July 4, 1840 - Died November 14, 1862). He served in Company H, 99th Ohio Volunteer Infantry.
  • Joshua Wells Russell (Born September 28, 1844/5 - Died July 13, 1902) He served in Company F, 99th Ohio Volunteer Infantry and as as Corporal in Compnay E, 2nd Heavy Artillery.
  • Nathan L. Russell (Born January 9, 1837 - Died May 11, 1862) (accidentally shot). He served in Company F, 20th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
  • Samuel Lamme Russell (Born November 25, 1832 - Died January 30, 1909). He served in Company H, 99th Ohio Volunteer Infantry. 
    (Nathan & Samuel were brothers).

Adam Russell also had a cousin, Jane Ross, who was married to a Confederate Militiaman.

Details from a copy of a family reunion picture taken in Sidney, Shelby County, Ohio about 1913.



Adam Russell
(sitting 2nd from right in the middle row)

Adam Russell and His wife, Mary, from the Shelby Daily News, Shelby, Ohio