Monument and Memorial Project

Civil War Memorial, Greenwich, NYAs legal heir to the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR), preservation of GAR memorials is one of the most important purposes of the SUVCW. The purpose of this program is to physically search out, inspect, and catalog each and every GAR memorial that can be found.

Our American tradition of Memorial Day, being founded by the GAR in 1868, has been celebrated each year with many communities focusing part of their ceremonies at or near a GAR monument. With proper care, these monuments will continue to stand in tribute to those who saved the Union from the conflict of 1861 to 1865.

With the help of our Departments across the country, and the local Camps within them, the SUVCW will physically search out and inspect each and every memorial that can be found. We hope to identify any professional restoration work that may be necessary due to the effects of nature or vandalism. We also hope to regularly inspect memorials so that our data remains current. Occassionally public authorities and private property owners tied to the sites that these memorials stand on need to be informed of the GAR – SUVCW Deed of Conveyance. Notice of the SUVCW’s legal interests should put an end to the removal and/or sale of Civil War memorials.

This is a very large project and we can use your assistance. If you know of a GAR monument or Civil War-related memorial (of any size/design) near you, we invite you to share this information with the SUVCW. You can download and print a copy of the form for your use by accessing the following link: GAR Monuments / Civil War Memorials Assessment Form (CWM #61). You may download and print a Grant Application from the following link: The GAR Monuments / Civil War Memorials Grant Application Form (CWM #62). Questions regarding the SUVCW’s GAR Monuments/Civil War Memorials program and assessment form may be directed to the National Civil War Memorials Committee Chairman:

Walt Busch
1240 Konert Valley Dr
Fenton, MO 63026