Job Description for National Treasurer



The purpose of the office of National Treasurer is to serve as custodian of National Organization monies and investments, to keep accurate financial records and to prepare periodic financial reports.

National Regulations, Chapter III, Article VII, Section 6

The National Treasurer shall receive, hold and account for all monies paid to him, and 
pay out the same, upon the order of the National Secretary, approved by the Commander-in- Chief.  
He shall prepare the annual reports required by Sec. 15(a) and Sec. 16 of Public Law 605, 83rd 
Congress, 2nd Session, and shall see that they be approved by the Commander-in-Chief and dispatched 
at the proper time.

a.   Arrange for an annual audit of the National Organization's financial condition to be prepared 
and presented to the Council of Administration and the National Encampment.

b.   Arrange for the bonding of those National officers required to be bonded by the Order's 
c.   Investigate periodically and advise the Council of Administration regarding the availability 
of more advantageous investment opportunities for the National Organization's investments.
d.   Prepare an annual operating budget for review and approval by the Council of Administration 
and the National Encampment.
e.   Serve as custodian of National Organization property not otherwise provided for.