Job Description for National Quartermaster



The purpose of the office of National Quartermaster is to act as custodian of National Organization supplies, including dies used to strike badges and medals, to keep an inventory of supplies on hand and to fill orders for same from Brothers as promptly as possible.

National Regulations, Chapter III, Article VII, Section 7

The National Quartermaster shall have the responsibility of maintaining an inventory of 
supplies, procuring sufficient inventory to meet the needs of the National Organization, the 
Departments, the Camps and the Brothers and the filling of all orders for supplies.

He shall receive payment for inventory sold and shall forward same to the National Treasurer along with the order forms.

He shall forward all bills for inventory purchased to the National Treasurer for 

He shall take an inventory of all supplies on-hand at the close of the fiscal year and 
provide a written detailed list to the National Treasurer for summary and inclusion in the 
financial reports.

He shall take supply of badges and other supplies to the National Encampment
for sale to the membership.