Donald L. Roberts


Donald L. Roberts of Candor, New York joined the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War to give numerical strength to an old Camp. Meetings were hold in a hall built in 1894 by the Sons of Veterans that gave equal use to Grand Army of the Republic Post #506.

He has claimed his eligibility through his maternal great grandfather, Byron Cronk, who served in Company B of the 21st New York Calvary and was wounded in an engagement with Mosby's Rangers. Also, his maternal great-great grandfather, Richard Taylor, who was mortally wounded at Petersburg, Virginia.

He has held the offices of Camp Council member; Secretary-Treasurer; Senior Vice Commander; and Camp Commander. In the Department of New York, he served on the Credential Committee; as Department Council member; Junior Vice Department Commander; and Department Commander. Currently he is serving as New York Department Secretary. In the National Organization he has served on the Credential Committee 1978, 1979, and 1983; Committee on Legislation 1980-81; as National Patriotic Instructor 1979-80; National Chief of Staff 1981-82; National Per-sonal Aide 1982-83; Junior Vice Commander-in-Chief 1983-64; Senior Vice Commander-in-Chief 984-1985; and was elected to the honorable Office of Commander-in-Chief August 14, 1985.

Brother Roberts is a 26 year member of Grange No. 1406 of Candor, past Cubmaster, past President of the Methodist Men=s Club, and a former member of the Official Board of that Church. He served on Civil Defense as Air Raid Warden, in the Auxiliary Civil Defense Police, Tioga County. Sheriff's Auxiliary Police, as Deputy Sheriff and Town of Candor Police force.

Born to a farm family April 1, 1924, he enjoyed country farm life until 1953 when he went to industry, serving an apprenticeship of a tool and model maker in a small machine shop. In 1957, gained employment with IBM in Oswego, New York. He served in various machining and assembly positions until retirement on April 1, 1984.

His current interest is in the Sons of Union Veterans of The Civil and collecting memorabilia and records of the Grand Army of The Republic (GAR) to add to his collection, which is being established for public display and as a reference source for those interested in the GAR.

August 1985