Frank M. Heacock, Sr.


Frank M. Heacock, Sr. was elected Commander-in-Chief of the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War at the 87th National Encampment held in Wilmington, Delaware, August 22, 1968. Brother Heacock was initiated into Bradbury Camp #140, Media, Pennsylvania, in January 1920 and served as its Camp Commander in 1929. He served as Pennsylvania Department Commander in 1942. He has filled the office of Senior Vice Commander-in-Chief as well as chairman of various National committees. In 1943, he was named as Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department, Grand Army of the Republic, which post he filled until the passing of the last GAR Department Commander in 1946.

Brother Heacock's grandfather, Corporal John H. Gifford, enlisted as a musician in Company K, 72nd Pennsylvania Regiment (the Fire Zouve Regiment) on March 28, 1862 and transferred to Company A, 183rd Pennsylvania Regiment July 19, 1864. He was discharged March 27, 1865 at the expiration of his term of his enlistment.

An accountant by profession, Brother Heacock is married to the former Anna Isabelle Buckley. They have two sons, Gar Edward Heacock & Graham Gifford Heacock . He has a son by a previous marriage, Frank M. Heacock, Jr., who is the father of Frank Daniel Heacock. He is a member of the Ridley Park Baptist Church, having served as Sunday School Superintendent and Church Secretary prior to moving to Wilmington in 1958. He is a member of several fraternal organizations including Scottish Rite branch of Masonry and the Shrine.

August 1968