Harold T. Beilby


Commander-in-Chief Harold T. Beilby was born in Rochester, New York on December 16, 1901. His grandfather, Henry M. Beilby served in the 13th New York Volunteers. Harold's father, Walter S. Beilby was born in Rochester, New York on September 13, 1868 and served as New York Department Commander in 1925-26.

Although Harold joined the Sons of Union Veterans in December 1922, he attended his first National Encampment in 1904. He was a veteran of WWII, serving as a Sgt. in the Medical Department of the Army Air Force from October 1942 to January 1944. Harold was Department Commander in 1941 and Commander-in-Chief in 1977. His wife, Margaret was a Past Department President of the New York Department Auxiliary to the Sons. Harold was retired from the physical plant department of the University of Rochester. He died April 20, 1985.

Submitted December 1998 by:
Jerome Orton, PDC, Past National Historian
213 Dixon Dr.
Syracuse, NY 13219