The Flag of the United States


Following the Civil War, the men who had fought under the flag of the United States knew of the great sacrifices that had been made to preserve the Union and they wanted others, particularly students, to know about out the flag and what it means to each of us. As Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, we have a responsibility to educate others about the flag of the United States and the proper respect it deserves.

On this page you’ll be able to print or download one of our Flag Facts Flyers (a legal-sized document filled with facts and trivia) and link to The United States Flag Code – a list of all the rules and laws on how to carry the flag, when to salute the flag and more.

Did you know that the flag of the United States has a birthday just like you? It does and it is on June 14 of every year. To learn more about that special holiday and more about our flag, visit the Flag Day website.