George B. Abbott

Commander-in-Chief 1887-1888 and 1888-1889

George B. Abbott was born at Dixon, Illinois, late in the 1850’s. Much of Brother Abbott’s life was spent in southern Illinois upon a farm. In 1869 he moved with his parents to Chicago and attended the public schools of that city. He then attended a medical college from which he graduated; and for fifteen years practiced his profession in the city of Chicago. In 1892 he moved to Honduras in Central America, for climatic and business reasons, and resided there until called to fill the position which he now holds.

He father was N.W. Abbot, who served as Surgeon in the 33rd and 30th Regiments of Illinois Volunteers during the Civil War. George Abbott became connected with the Order of Sons of Veterans in August 1884, joining General George A. Custer Camp No. 6 of Chicago.

In 1885 he was transferred to Chicago Camp No. 1. of which he was elected 2nd Lt; at the same time appointed aide of the staff of Division Commander. In 1885 he was appointed Chaplain of the Grand Division, also elected as a delegate to the fourth National Encampment of he Commandery-in-Chief, held at Grand Rapids; at the close of this encampment he was appointed Inspector-General of the staff of Gen. Walter S. Payne. In 1887 he was elected Colonel of the Illinois Division, and at the sixth National Encampment held at Des Moines, Iowa in 1887 Brother Abbott was elected as Commander-in-Chief and re-elected in 1888 at Wheeling, West Virginia.

Submitted December 1998 by:
Jerome Orton, PDC, Past National Historian