May 2014


In 1868 General John Logan, CinC of The Grand Army of the Republic Issued General Order #11 establishing Decoration Day, know today as Memorial Day. Over the last century and a half, the Day established as A Day of Remembrance of The Union for those who made the supreme sacrifice in Our Civil War, has evolved to a Day that remembers all Those Veterans in every American conflict throughout our Nations History. We in the Suvcw (and all of the allied orders) are charged by all of these heroes of our Nation to honor and remember them and their families. There are a great many Americans who do this, but not enough in my opinion. There are many Americans today who simply look at Memorial Day as a long weekend, instead of a day of reflection, honor and remembrance. It is our Charge and duty to bring the stories of our Service personnel to the minds and ears of the American (and world) public.

Only by doing this are we carrying on their message of Country before self that they so nobly advanced. They valued their way of life and their Nation before themselves and laid down their lives to prove it. As President Abraham Lincoln so eloquently stated in his Address at Gettysburg “-that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion”. He went on to say that the reason they did so was to preserve our way of life-The Great American Republic should not only survive, but prosper. It was a very noble act, to put others before one self so that the people should survive and go on.

That is why we can never forget. The True measure of Americans who made, and continue to make the ultimate sacrifice for our Nation is this, They reach out and continue to touch us, even though they may not know us.Though they may not know us on an individual basis, we KNOW them! WE CAN NEVER LET THEIR SACRIFICE BE FORGOTTEN! Pass this message on to all you know. LEST WE FORGET

In Fraternity, Charity & Loyalty,
John W. Bates III
National Patriotic Instructor