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National Graves Registration Policy
(December 1999)

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The purpose of this policy is to act as a guide in the recording and storage of records of Union Civil War veterans' graves.

The Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War (SUVCW) National Graves Registration Project shall record and maintain a database that contains the grave and burial information (or grave monument information) on all Civil War veterans who served the Union between 1861 to 1865.

A dBASE III compatible database shall be used. Two versions shall be maintained. One version (main database) will contain all of the records. Another version will be made available for data entry and electronic records transmission, only. All data recorded in the latter version, shall be forwarded for entry to the main database. It is at that point, that the grave is considered to be recorded. All records from the main database shall be archived in no less than two separate locations, in text (.txt) format.

The objective of the SUVCW Graves Registration Project is to complete the recording of the burial locations (or final resting places) of all Union Civil War veterans and to periodically make available the full recorded data to: public/private libraries, other veterans organizations, genealogical / historical societies, and the general public. Some (but not all) of the data fields shall also be made available "online" on the SUVCW's Internet Web Site, for the purpose of promoting the project, and the Order.

Departments and Camps shall actively promote the Graves Registration Project. The National Organization will provide as much assistance as possible.

Department Graves Registration Officers shall work with Camps to coordinate geographic areas of responsibility in order to eliminate duplication of effort in cemetery inspection. Volunteers shall be encouraged to utilize winter months and other times of poor weather, for further research of veterans' dates of birth, death, enlistment, discharge, etc. - and, to prove "possible" and "probable" findings to be "definite" Union Civil War veterans.

Approved December 29, 1999
National Council of Administration

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