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Policy Statement for the Banner
(20 March 2009)


The Banner is the designated "Official Journal" of the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War (SUVCW). It a major source of information for and about the SUVCW's organization and members. A required item in any single issue of The Banner will be the most current unpublished General Orders of the Commander-in-Chief. These General Orders shall be printed as presented to the editor, correct for style, spelling and grammatical errors, reviewed and approved by the Commander-in-Chief. Content will not be altered. The Banner shall be printed in a format that allows for timely transmittal to the membership within the constraints of the approved annual budget. Publication frequency shall be as approved and funded by the Council of Administration (CoA) with the advice of the editor. Type faces, lay-out and format are at the discretion of the editor.



The Banner's staff shall consist of positions created by the CoA and placed under the control of the editor-publisher to include:

Editor-Publisher - appointed by the CoA and has the broadest authority over content, design and timing of the Banner. He is empowered to select, reject, edit, modify or re-write articles in accordance with his best professional judgment subject to the policy decisions of the CoA. He conducts himself in the best interests of the Order. He distributes each edition of the Banner by first class mail to those CoA members and to Past Commanders-in-Chief who do not have email. Those members of the CoA that have email will receive it electronically only from the Editor. He will distribute complimentary copies of the Banner to: Sitting Presidents of the Allied Orders and the Commander in Chief of the Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States. No copies will be distributed to Junior Members or Junior Associates nor will additional copies be distributed to dual members.

Print Services Provider - provides graphic and printing services as may be required in the publication of the Banner.

Circulation Manager - The Executive Director shall serve as circulation manager, providing a mailing list or lists, as appropriate, to the editor as close to the publication date as possible. He shall handle the distribution of all out-of-country mailings of the Banner by first class mailing at the time of bulk mailings. All changes of address shall be directed to the Executive Director.

Writing Guidelines

The Banner has no writing staff, so the editor-publisher cannot take unit newsletters, raw data or previously published data and re-write it as an article suitable for The Banner. Narrative articles must contain the who, what, where, when and how of news writing. All persons will be identified and all names are assumed to be correctly spelled. Correct spelling is the responsibility of the submitter. If questions arise, the editor will refer to the original copy submitted.

Unless previously arranged, all articles for publication shall be submitted to the editor at the address published in the Banner. Submissions will not be accepted from third party vendors.

The writer will identify the Department to which the unit belongs when writing about unit activities. The SVR unit's Military District should also be identified.

All publications are automatically copyrighted. The Banner will not reprint articles or photographs that have appeared in other media without written permission from the copyright holder.

Photographs must be good quality color or black and white. The Banner will not use electronic or xerographic reproductions or newspaper clippings. Subjects should be grouped together and their faces should be recognizable. Members should be wearing badges and decorations correctly, per Chapter V, Article III, of the C&R. Generally, single photographs with more than five subjects will not be used. All photographs shall include complete identification of those shown.

Articles will typically run from 200 to 500 words in length. An absolute maximum of 1,000 words will apply. Longer articles will be edited or rejected. The Banner has space constraints, as there is both a need and an obligation to share a cross section of what is submitted by the membership. Single submissions should be limited to 2-3 pages per issue. A longer article might be published in installments of perhaps two pages at a time in successive issues.

All articles and photographs become the property of the SUVCW. Material submitted will be returned if the editor is provided with an appropriately sized SASE (self-addressed, stamped envelope).

The Banner adheres to the journalistic principles of accuracy, brevity and clarity.

Editorial Rules

Questions of editorial style shall be determined by the most recent edition of the Associated Press Stylebook and Libel Guide. Questions of style not covered in the preceding source, as well as spelling and grammatical questions, shall be determined by Webster's ninth New Collegiate Dictionary. In addition, the following style conventions are established:

  • GAR - The abbreviation, on second and subsequent reference for Grand Army of the Republic.
  • SUVCW - The abbreviation, on second and subsequent reference for Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War. SUV is generally not acceptable.
  • Department reference - Departments shall be referred to as, for example, Department of Pennsylvania and on second and subsequent reference, as Dept. of PA.
  • Camp reference - Camps will be referred to by name and number along with the abbreviated name of the Department (Missionary Ridge Camp 63, Dept. of TN). Note that the Banner uses neither "No." nor "#" before the Camp number. Second and subsequent references to the Camp in the same article can be any of the familiar forms (Anna M. Ross Camp or Camp 1).
  • State reference - When used as part of an address (usually with a Zip Code following) the abbreviation of the state will be in conformance to Postal Service rules and will be the 2-letter abbreviation. All other abbreviations of states shall be in accordance with the AP Style Guide.
  • Military Rank - The AP Style Guide rules shall apply. In the case of ranks no longer in use, they will be spelled out on first reference.
  • Honors - Whenever possible, the Banner prefers to use the SUVCW honors in conjunction with personal names. those honors are:
  • PCinC = Past Commander-in-Chief
    PDC = Past Department Commander
    PCC = Past Camp Commander

  • Current Honors - All sitting commanders should be referred to as such in the text of the article.
  • Time and date - References shall conform to the rules in the AP Style Guide. The Banner will use a.m. and p.m. for morning and afternoon hours. No military time will be used and dates will be in the form of Month (abbreviated where possible) and Day. The year will be omitted if either the year prior, year next or current year.

A main editorial may be written by the Commander-in-Chief or the editor and shall bear no by-line.

Guest editorials or reprints of editorials shall contain the by-line of the author to include unit or position that would give their editorial the necessary credence.

The Banner is "departmentalized" to assist the reader in finding items of interest. Those departments shall include:


0- Main news page - Generally page five with jumps, as necessary to page six.

1- Editorial page - Page 3. This page shall also contain the masthead listing the staff, editorial address and the address to send address changes.

2- General Orders page - Page 4. Reserved for the General Orders of the Commander-in-Chief.

3- Department News pages - May appear anywhere in the publication and include news from the field organization not selected as news or feature material.

4- The Guidon - Official publication of the Sons of Veterans Reserve. Submissions accepted only from the Commanding General, Adjutant General and National Public Information Officer.

Copy/Photo Submission

The preferred methods of submitting copy and photographs, in the order of preference are:

  1. Copy/photos submitted as an attachment to an email message to the editor's email address, as printed in the Banner.
  2. Copy/photos submitted as an email message to the editor's email address, as printed in the Banner.
  3. Copy/photos submitted, by mail to the editorial office, as printed in The Banner, as a file on a 3.5 inch floppy disk or CD-ROM in any generally accepted file format for the IBM computer standard. (DOC format preferred for copy; JPEG for photos.)
  4. Typed hard copy/photos delivered to the editorial office as printed in the Banner.


Advertising rates will be approved by the CoA annually. Paid advertising is the subject of a legal agreement between the Order and the provider.

SUVCW units advertising items or events may be, from time to time, considered by the editor for publication. There is no guarantee as to the timing or placement of unpaid advertisements.


Blank forms will be made available via the National website, rather than publication in the Banner.

Memorials to veteran ancestors are printed in response to a contribution to the Order's "Permanent Fund." Contribution checks are made payable to the Permanent Fund, SUVCW and sent to the National Treasurer, who will then forward the memorial to the editor for publication.

Included in The Banner will be an abstract of any opinion, decision or report that may be required to be published in the Banner by the C&R, National Job Descriptions or action of the National Encampment and will appear as space permits.

Advertising space shall be provided for the National Quartermaster and the Charitable Foundation.

Obituary notices received from the National Chaplain will be published as space permits.

The announcement of the formation of new camps and departments will receive publication priority second only to General Orders of the Commander-in-Chief.


Approved on April 18th, 2009

National Council of Administration Meeting at Springfield, IL


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