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Original Articles of Incorporation
Sons of Veterans of Pennsylvania

(Note: The name was changed to Sons of Veterans USA at the first National Encampment, October 1881. In 1925, the name was again changed to Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War. These articles of Incorporation are transcribed from a certified copy of the record as contained in C.B. Vol. 7, Recorder of Deeds Office, County of Allegheny, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.)

To the honorable Frederick W. Collier
Judge of the Court of Common Pleas
No. 1 of Allegheny County

Sons of Veterans
Petition for Charter
and Order granting same

In compliance with the requirement of an Act of the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania entitled "An Act to provide for incorporation and regulation of certain Corporations" approved April 29, 1874 and various supplements thereto the undersigned all of whom are citizens of Pennsylvania and lineal descendants of Soldiers, Sailors and Marines who served in the Army or Navy of the United States during the Civil struggle of 1861-1865 having associated themselves together for the purpose and objects hereinafter set forth and desiring that they may be incorporated according to the law do hereby certify:

1. The name of the proposed Corporation is "Sons of Veterans of Pennsylvania." The said Corporation shall consist of one or more Camps formed in such manner as the Constitution and By-laws may direct. The First of these Camps shall be know as "Davis Camp 1 Sons of Veterans of Pennsylvania." Other Camps may be created by Charter from said Davis Camp No.

2. The purposes for which it is formed are: (a) To keep green the memory of our fathers and their sacrifice for the maintenance of the Union; (b) To aid the members of the Grand Army of the Republic in caring for their helpless and disabled veterans, to extend aid and protection to their widows and orphans, to perpetuate the memory and history of the heroic deeds and the proper observance of Memorial Day; (c) To Aid and assist worthy members of our order; (d) To inculcate patriotism and love of country not only among our membership but among all the people of this land, to spread and sustain the doctrine of equal rights, universal liberty and justice to all.

3. The place or places where its business is to be transacted shall be in the State of Pennsylvania and its principal place of business shall be in the City of Pittsburgh.

4. The term for which it is to exist shall be perpetual.

5. The names and residence of the Charter members are as follows:

John H. Sieferth Market St. Pittsburgh
Walter E. Morris 14th Ward Pittsburgh
George L. Moreland Grant St. Pittsburgh
John D. McFarland, Jr. Franklin St Pittsburgh
Henry W. Maxwell 1st Ward Pittsburgh
Herbert A. Davis 35th Ward Pittsburgh
William L. Fees 30th Ward Pittsburgh
Ernest W. Lehman 14th Ward Pittsburgh
H.W. Wilker Elm St. Pittsburgh
A.P. Hays 712 Penn St. Pittsburgh

6. The Officers of the said Camp and the names of those chosen for the first term are as follows, viz.

Captain H.T. Rowley
1st Lt. John H. Siefert
2nd Lt. W.E. Morris
Chaplain Herbert A. Davis
Surgeon John D. McFarland
Orderly Sgt. H.W. Wilker
Quartermaster Sgt Henry Maxwell
Color Sgt Ernest W. Lehman
Ordinance Sgt. None appointed
Sgt. of the Guard W.L. Fees
Corporal of the Guard George L. Moreland
3rd Cpl of the Guard None appointed

7. There shall be no Capital stock but the funds of the Corporation shall be cared for and invested in such manner as the By-laws may direct. Said Corporation shall have the authority to charge and collect such initiation fees, dues, and assessments as may be fixed by the By-laws. The said Corporation shall have the authority to receive and hold personal property and real estate for the purposes of the order not exceeding the amount limited by law.

(Here appear the signatures of all Charter members of Davis Camp No. 1)

State of Pennsylvania
County of Allegheny

Before me, the Recorder of Deeds in and for the County came the above named H. T. Rowley, John H. Sieferth and H. W. Wilker who in due form of law acknowledged the foregoing statement to be their act for the purposes therein specified.

Witness my hand and seal of Office at Pittsburgh the 28th Day of December A.D. 1881

/s/ R. J. Richardson

(Official Seal)

Notice of publication in the Pittsburgh Evening Telegraph and Pittsburgh Evening Chronicle duly attached.

I Frederick H. Collier a law Judge of the Court of Common Pleas No. 1 of Allegheny County do hereby certify that I have perused and examined the foregoing instrument and find it to be in the proper form and within the purpose named in the first class specified in Section two of the Act entitled "An Act to provide for the incorporation and regulation of certain corporations" approved April 29, A.D. 1874 and the same appearing lawful and not injurious to the community it is ordered and decreed that the said Charter is approved and that upon the recording of the said Charter and this order the subscribers thereby and their associates shall be a corporation for the purposes and upon the terms therein stated,

December 28, 1881

/s/ F. W. Collier
F. W. Collier
Judge of Common Pleas of
Allegheny County

(Court Seal)

/s/ J.O. Brown

January 12, 1882

Witness my hand and seal of office at Harrisburg this Twelfth Day of January A. D. 1882.

/s/ J. R. McAfee
J. R. McAfee
Deputy Secretary of the

(Sec. Seal)

Recorded January 19, 1882

(Note: It should be noted that Judge Frederick W. Collier, Recorder of Deeds R. J. Richardson and Prothontary J.O. Brown were all members of General Alexander Hays, Post 3, Grand Army of the Republic, Department of Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh.)

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