Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War



The purpose of the office of the National Guide is to assist the Commander-in-Chief in the floor work of the Order's Ritual and Ceremonials during the National Encampment.


The activities of the National Guide should include the responsibilities listed below.

  1. Ensure that the National Encampment meeting room is in proper order and that the altar and station banners are properly arranged.

  2. Ascertain, upon request of the Commander-in-Chief, if all who are present are entitled to remain at the National Encampment.

  3. Serve as an escort for all visitors at the National Encampment.

  4. Instruct candidates for membership per the Order's Ritual and Ceremonials when such individuals are to be initiated at the National Encampment.

  5. Become familiar with the duties of the office as set forth in the Order's Ritual and Ceremonials.

  6. Carry out orders from the Commander-in-Chief at the National Encampment.

Last Updated 1994

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