Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War



The purpose of the office of the National Graves Registration Officer is to provide leadership and direction to the National Organization, Departments and Camps regarding the locating and recording of the graves for Union veterans of the American Civil War of 1861-1865.


The activities of the National Graves Registration Officer should include the responsibilities listed below.
  1. Serve as Chairman of the National Committee on Graves Registration

  2. Collect, organize, catalog and maintain a national listing of the graves of Union Civil Veterans, and make this information available to Brothers upon request.

  3. Assist Departments, Camps and Brothers with procedures and supplying necessary forms to secure veteran headstones for Union Civil War veterans.

  4. Provide guidance to Departments, Camps and Brothers regarding proper registering and marking of graves of Union Civil War veterans.

  5. Encourage Departments and Camps to establish and appoint Graves Registration Officers to oversee Department-wide and local grave marking and maintenance programs and activities.

  6. Perform all other duties delegated to the office by the Order's Constitution and Regulations ("C&R"), Ritual and Ceremonials, National Encampment and/or Commander-in-Chief.

  7. Assure ready access to electronic mail for the transaction of the Order's business.

  8. Prepare and submit an annual written report to the Commander-in-Chief and National Encampment on the activities of the National Graves Registration Officer.

Last Updated August 2003

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