Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War



The purpose of the office of Washington, D.C. Representative is to serve as the official contact of the Order to the National Government (Pursuant to the Order's Constitution and Regulations, the Washington D.C. Representative shall have his residence in the District of Columbia or its suburbs).


The activities of the Washington D.C. Representative should include the responsibilities listed below.
  1. Accept, on behalf of the Order, service of legal papers or summons and immediately transmit the same to the Commander-in-Chief.

  2. Represent the Order on appropriate occasions and at memorial ceremonies and patriotic functions in our nation's capital.

  3. Keep apprised of all legislation, pending before the United States Congress, which has pertinence to the activities of the Order and apprise the Chairman of the National Committee on Legislation and the Commander-in-Chief as appropriate.

  4. Provide the views of the Order before Congressional committees and hearings.

  5. Serve as an ex-officio member on the National Committee on Legislation.

  6. Promptly inform the Commander-in-Chief of any pending or passed legislation on which the National Organization, should take action.

  7. Ensure that a copy of the "Proceedings" from the Order's annual National Encampment is filed with the Library of Congress.

  8. Perform all other duties delegated to the office by the Order's Constitution and Regulations ("C&R"), Ritual and Ceremonials, National Encampment and/or Commander-in-Chief.

  9. Prepare and submit an annual written report to the Commander-in-Chief and National Encampment on the activities of the Washington, D.C. Representative.

September 1994

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