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The purpose of the National Council of Administration is to carry out the business of the Order in between National Encampments in accordance with policies established by the National Encampment and to serve as a "Board of Directors" in terms of making decisions in the absence of such policy directives from the National Encampment.


The activities of the National Council of Administration should include the responsibilities listed below.
  1. Oversee the general operation and direction of the National Organization between National Encampments.

  2. Present annually to the National Encampment for approval a proposed budget to operate the National Organization for the ensuing year.

  3. Appoint the National Membership-at-Large Coordinator and the National Camp-at-Large & Department Organizer to serve at the pleasure of the majority of the Council of Administration.

  4. Fix annually the amounts for National Members-at-Large dues and fees and Life Member Interest Payments to Camps in the absence of such action by the National Encampment.

  5. Fix the penal sums of the bonds to be given by all bonded National Organization officers.

  6. Review annual written reports made to it by the National Membership-at-Large Coordinator, National Membership List Coordinator, National Camp and Department Organizer and the Editor of the Banner.

  7. Fill for the unexpired term any vacancies which may occur in elected National Organization offices.

  8. Serve as confirmation authority for all applicants submitted by the Commander-in-Chief for Honorary Membership within the Order.

  9. Rule on the appropriateness to distribute the National Membership list in the absence of such rulings by the National Encampment or sanctions within the Order's Regulations.

  10. Exercise disciplinary jurisdiction over all charges preferred against the Commander-in- Chief.

  11. If need be, restrain a Camp, Camp-at-Large, Department or the National Organization from expending funds or liquidating assets in a manner inconsistent with the Order's Constitution and Regulations.

  12. Exercise visitatorial powers to enforce any express or implied trust on which property is held by a Camp, Camp-at-Large or Department.

  13. Perform all other duties delegated to the Council by the Order's Constitution and Regulations ("C&R") and National Encampment.

Last Updated August 2003

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