Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War



The purpose of the office of Commander-in-Chief is to serve as the chief executive officer of the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War (SUVCW), to provide direction to the National Organization's operations, and to promote the goals and objects of the SUVCW.


The activities of the Commander-in-Chief should include the responsibilities listed below.

  1. Become familiar with the duties of the office as set forth in the Order's Constitution and Regulations ("C&R") and the Ritual and Ceremonials.

  2. Preside at the annual National Encampment.

  3. Serve as chairman of the National Council of Administration

  4. Appoint annually the following National Organization officers - Aide de Camp, Chaplain, Chief-of-Staff, Civil War Memorials Officer, Color Bearer, Counselor, Eagle Scout Certificate Coordinator, GAR Highway Officer, Graves Registration Officer, Guard, Guide, Historian, Patriotic Instructor, Signals Officer, Washington D.C. Representative, Webmaster, and other assistant officers as needed.

  5. Appoint annually 5 Brothers to each of the following standing National Organization committees (includes chairman): Legislation, Military Affairs, Americanization and Education, Lincoln Tomb Observance, Remembrance Day and Fraternal Relations.

  6. Appoint annually 3 Brothers to the standing National Encampment Site Committee.

  7. Appoint annually 1 Brother for a term of 4 years to the standing National Committee on Program and Policy.

  8. Appoint annually 2 Brothers, each for a term of 2 years, to the standing National Committee on Constitution and Regulations.

  9. Appoint annually 2 Brothers, each for a term of 2 years, to the standing National Committees on History and Graves Registration.

  10. Make necessary appointments to special National Organization committees created by action of the National Encampment.

  11. Recognize annually those Brothers who recruit 5 or more new Brothers with a Certificate of Merit and those Brothers who recruit 3 or more Brothers by appointment as a National Aide.

  12. Remove Brothers from appointed National Organization offices and committees as necessary.

  13. Review, approve and sign all Camp, Camp-at-Large and Department Charters and revoke same if any do not conform to the Order's Constitution and Regulations.

  14. Convene special meetings of the National Organization upon consent of the National Council of Administration.

  15. Attend meetings of the Military Affairs Committee where possible and provide guidance and counsel regarding Sons of Veterans Reserve matters.

  16. Issue and promulgate at least 4 times annually General Orders to be printed in the BANNER.

  17. Approve and hold bonds of the National - Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer(s), Junior Vice Commander-in-Chief, Patriotic Instructor, Quartermaster, and the Executive Director.

  18. Recognize by citation in the General Orders and recommend to the National Council of Administration for concurrence the names of those Brothers whose service to the Order is meritorious and goes beyond the efficient and loyal performance of a Brother's duty to the Order.

  19. Submit for concurrence of the National Council of Administration names of individuals for Honorary Membership in the Order.

  20. Maintain original jurisdiction over charges preferred against Departments and also against Brothers and Camps when Camps or Departments fail or neglect to act upon any breach of discipline within their jurisdiction.

  21. Appoint Trial Commissioners as required.

  22. Decide on all questions of law and order subject to appeal to the National Encampment.

  23. Visit during the year as many Departments, Camps-at-Large and Camps as possible.

  24. Participate in the following national ceremonies: Remembrance Day (Gettysburg -November), Lincoln Monument (Washington, D.C. - February), Lincoln Death Day (Springfield - April) and Memorial Day (Gettysburg or Washington DC - May).

  25. Represent or designate an alternate to represent the Order at meetings, events and ceremonies sponsored by other societies and organizations to which the Order is invited.

  26. Ensure that all National Organization elected and appointed officers and committees do their jobs during the year.

  27. Recognize in the form of personal letters or citations in the General Orders those Departments, Camps-at-large and local Camps which are performing exemplary service to the Order.

  28. Issue encouragement and assistance and, if necessary, reprimands to those Departments and Camps-at-Large who are not adequately fulfilling their duties pursuant to the Order's Constitution and Regulations.

  29. Serve as the Order's national liaison to the 4 other Allied Orders of the Grand Army of the Republic.

  30. Annually select recipients for the National Organization's two (2) scholarship awards. Recipients cannot be attending the same college.

  31. Annually select one (1) recipient each for the:

  32. Prepare periodic oral and written reports on the activities of the Commander-in-Chief to be presented to the National Council of Administration.

  33. Perform all other duties delegated to the office by the Order's Constitution and Regulations ("C&R"), Ritual and Ceremonials and National Encampment.

  34. Prepare and submit an annual written report to the National Encampment on the activities of the Commander-in-Chief.

August 2003

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