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The purpose of the office of Assistant National Secretary for Proceedings shall be to assist the National Secretary in meeting his requirement to "Cause the publication of annual National Encampment Proceedings" as defined in the Job Description for the National Secretary. Such officer shall be a brother of the Order who was in attendance at the National Encampment and who was named prior to the start of the encampment so that appropriate notes, records and indices of actions could be maintained independently by him.


The activities of the National Membership-at-Large Coordinator should include the responsibilities listed below.

  1. Attend all sessions of the National Encampment keeping independent notes on the actions and activities of the encampment (this does not include meetings of the Council of Administration).

  2. Maintain close liaison with the contracted Proceedings Transcriptionist and Editor and arrange for a final copy of his or her report to be provided in sufficient time to meet the requirements set forth in U.S. Code, Title 36, Chapter 24, Section 546.

  3. Upon receipt of the transcription of the National Encampment the National Assistant Secretary for Proceedings shall compare the transcription to his notes of the National Encampment and, when satisfied, forward an electronic copy of the document to the National Secretary who will also review the document for accuracy, append an electronic copy of the minutes of the Council of Administration meetings, the General Orders of the Commander-in-Chief, an updated listing of Past Commanders-in-Chief, an updated listing of the National Encampment registrants and forward to the Commander-in-Chief who opened the encampment being recorded.

  4. Coordinate with the Commander-in-Chief who opened the Encampment to ensure timely review of the document and return for publication.

  5. Arrange with a competent printer for the printing and binding of the Proceedings, within the budget approved by the National Encampment. The number of copies printed shall be enough to fulfill the distribution as outlined in this job description plus 10%. Upon his review and satisfaction with the job by the printer, the National Assistant Secretary shall arrange to have the printing bill sent directly to the National Treasurer for payment.

  6. With the assistance of the National Proceedings Transcriptionist, obtain a camera-ready document for delivery to the printer and an electronic copy to the National Webmaster.

  7. Receive, certify and submit the invoice of the National Proceedings Transcriptionist to the National Treasurer for payment.

  8. Upon publication, mail five (5) copies to the Washington DC Representative for presentation to appropriate officials of the House of Representatives, Senate of the United States and the President, as well as the Librarian of Congress. Such presentation should be made prior to March 1 of the year next following the National Encampment.

  9. Upon publication, mail five (5) copies to the Commanders-in-Chief who opened the Encampment.

  10. Upon publication, mail five (5) copies and the printing original and to the National Secretary.

  11. Upon publication, mail one (1) copy to each elected and appointed National Officer as listed in the Proceedings.

  12. Upon publication, mail two (2) copies to each Department Secretary.

  13. Upon publication, mail one (1) copy to each brother who was registered at the Encampment and who would not otherwise receive a copy due to his standing as a listed elected or appointed National Officer based upon the records of the National Secretary.

  14. Mail all remaining copies to the National Quartermaster who will make them available for purchase.

  15. Upon completion of the mailings or concurrent with the mailings, submit receipts of mailing costs incurred to the National Treasurer for reimbursement.

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