Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War



The purpose of the National Committee on Real Sons and Daughters is to identify and honor real sons or daughters of U.S. Civil War veterans. A Real Son/Real Daughter is the legitimate or acknowledged offspring of a veteran of U.S. Armed Forces service in the Civil War, 1861-1865.


The activities of the National Committee on Real Sons and Daughters should include the responsibilities listed below:
  1. Identify Real Sons and Daughters by actively maintaining a watch on news publications.

  2. Prepare an annual list of Real Sons and Daughters for the Commander-in-Chief.

  3. Establish and maintain liaison with the Department of Veterans Affairs for the purpose of identifying Real Sons and Daughters.

  4. Produce and offer free of charge to Real Sons and Daughters the Order's certificate identifying each as a Real Son or Daughter.

  5. Offer membership in the SUVCW to Real Sons at no cost. Assist Real Sons in the preparation of necessary documentation.

  6. For Real Sons who are veterans of war service, request that the National Quartermaster issue the Order's War Service Medal and Certificate without charge.

  7. Maintain contact with Real Sons and Daughters at least annually and inform them of the dates and location of Department Encampments near their homes and encourage them to attend the National Encampment.

  8. Maintain liaison with allied orders exchanging information about Real Daughters to assist them in recruitment of Real Daughters.

  9. Maintain liaison with the Sons of Confederate Veterans and the United Daughters of the Confederacy to exchange information on Real Sons and Daughters of all Civil War veterans.

  10. Inform the National Chaplain of the death of each Real Son or Daughter.

  11. Submit budget requests as necessary to the National Treasurer to cover costs of printing, postage and other expenses of the committee. Perform the functions of the committee within approved budget.

- Last Updated August 1998

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