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The purpose of the office of National Webmaster is to ensure that the Order's Internet presence operates in an efficient and effective manner at all times. The National Webmaster is a practitioner of Web communication for the Order and is responsible for all aspects of the Order's Web presence, including Web content development, technical operations, daily maintenance and, subject to the concurrence of the National Council of Administration, its business management. The National Webmaster should be familiar with HTML layout, coding and design, ASP, JavaScript, graphics, PERL, MS SQL and MySQL, FTP Protocol and Adobe Acrobat. He should also be familiar with the capabilities and limitations of both Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Browsers.


The activities of the National Webmaster shall include:

  1. Manage the Order's Internet communication resources to include effective use of electronic mail, a World Wide Web Internet Web site, and the Council of Administration Board Room.

  2. Provide proactive and reactive administration and maintenance of the Order's Web site.

  3. Take overall responsibility for content and data quality and integrity of the Order's Web site and ensure that there exists a consistency in terms of how all National Pages are presented on the Internet.

  4. Ensure that billing notices for payment for both the Order's domain name and Internet service are forwarded to the National Treasurer for timely payment and that access of the Order's National Web Site by the membership or public is not interrupted.

  5. Ensure that the National Web site is as error free as possible (no broken links, no inoperable e-mail addressees, etc) and that such errors, if not capable of being fixed within 72 hours of notice, are removed from the National Web site.

  6. Serve as a member of the National Committee on Communications and Technology.

  7. Provide technical assistance to Department and Camp Signals Officers (Webmasters) and assist in their understanding and adherence to the Order's National Policy on Electronic Communications.

  8. Update the below listed and any other affected Web Site directories and files within 72 hours of the conclusion of the Order's annual National Encampment:

  9. Report regularly to the Commander-in-Chief and Council of Administration.

  10. Prepare and submit an annual written electronic (e-mail or disk) report to the National Council of Administration and National Encampment.

Last Updated August 2002

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