Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War



The purpose of the National Committee on Remembrance Day of the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War is to provide for and ensure all arrangements for the Order's November Remembrance Day Program at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania (held on the Saturday nearest 19 November).


The activities of the National Committee on Remembrance Day should include the responsibilities listed below.
  1. Work cooperatively and in conjunction with the Order's Sons of Veterans Reserve on all aspects of the program.

  2. Contract with a hotel (currently, the Eisenhower Inn) one year or more in advance of the program for a block of 50 rooms, a Ball room, a room on the first floor for the Saturday morning breakfast meeting of the Sons of Veterans Reserve and later meeting of the Civil War reenactor officers, and a room for the Sunday morning meeting of the National Council of Administration.

  3. Prepare and send news releases (in late November - early December of each year) to Civil War publications (Reenactor's Journal, Camp Chase Gazette, Civil War Times, The Civil War News and The Courier) for listing in their Calendar of Events.

  4. Prepare and send invitations (in January of each year) to all Civil War reenactment units on the list of the Sons of Veterans Reserve Public Information Officer.

  5. Arrange for the presence of a Civil War musical unit to lead the parade and to play at the Wreath Laying Ceremony.

  6. Apply for a parade permit from the Borough of Gettysburg and furnish them with a copy of an insurance contract.

  7. Obtain a special use permit from the Gettysburg National Military Park to hold the program on their land. Also request from the National Park Service 12 chairs, a lectern, electricity for the sound system and to have the area immediately around the Woolson Monument roped off (currently arranged by Brother William Little, Camp 112).

  8. Obtain a public address system.

  9. Arrange for a Master of Ceremony (the most junior Past Commander-in-Chief) chaplain, person to give tribute and a bugler (RSVP and deadline must be given).

  10. Prepare and send invitation to all national and Pennsylvania Department heads of the Allied Orders of the G.A.R. to participate in the Wreath Laying Ceremony. Inform the Heads from each organization of the cost of the wreath and request that a check be sent in advance. Also inform the Heads that they will need to make their own reservations at the hotel.

  11. Obtain 10 wreaths (5 primarily red and 5 primarily gold) from a local florist (currently the Wayside Florist) in Gettysburg and have them delivered near the Woolson Monument.

  12. Prepare and have printed 1000 copies of the Program for the Wreath Laying Ceremony and the Program of Tributes.

  13. Have a SVR officer appointed as the overall Parade Marshall to lay out the order of units in the parade, layout and reserve a place for a reviewing stand and direct the leaders to it while keeping the remainder of the parade moving. The Parade Marshall should also direct the parade to the proper place to halt.

  14. Have additional SVR personnel appointed to serve as assistant Parade Marshals to help line up the parade. The Parade Marshals should all have arm bands to identify them and indicate their authority.

  15. Appoint a subcommittee to plan and run the Blue and Gray Ball, including arranging for the band and dance master, ticket printing and Ball Room decorating. Prepare and submit report on the Ball to the Council of Administration.

  16. Keep the Commander-in-Chief and the National Council of Administration apprised regarding arrangements.

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