There are currently four categories of membership within the Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States: Hereditary, Junior, Associate and Honorary.

Hereditary - Direct male descendants of the age of 18 years or more of a commissioned officer in the U.S. Army, Navy or Marines who served during the War of the Rebellion, or male descendants of a brother or sister of any such officer.

Junior - Direct male descendants under age 18 years of an eligible officer or of a brother or sister of any such eligible officer. Junior Companions cannot vote or hold office.

Associate - Male persons of the age 18 years or more who are not known to be eligible for Hereditary membership and who subscribe to the Preamble, Principles and Objects of the order and who have demonstrated a serious interest in the War of the Rebellion, and whose membership will advance the objects of the Order. Associate Companions may vote, serve on committees and be elected to Commandery offices, but no Associate Companion shall be eligible for election to office in the Commandery-in-Chief.

Honorary - Bestowed by the Commandery-in-Chief and Commanderies under the provisions of the Constitution and By-Laws.

Applications fees and annual dues vary among MOLLUS Commanderies. Individuals interested in membership should provide the information requested on the membership information request page. That information will allow us to refer your inquiry to the Commandery closest to where you reside. That Commandery will in turn get back with you with additional information and a membership application.

National Life Memberships (Hereditary, Junior, and Associate) -

The National Life Membership Fee Schedule, as of 2005, is presented below. Contact the Commandery that you are joining or to which you currently hold membership for details.


Birth - 2 Years $100
2 Years to 3 Years $105
3 Years to 4 Years $115
4 Years to 5 Years $128
5 Years to 6 Years $141
6 Years to 7 Years $155
7 Years to 8 Years $171
8 Years to 9 Years $189
9 Years to 10 Years $208
10 Years to 11 Years $229
11 Years to 12 Years $253
12 Years to 13 Years $279
13 Years to 14 Years $307
14 Years to 15 Years $329
15 Years to 16 Years $373
16 Years to 17 Years $412
17 Years to 18 Years $459
18 Years and Older $500

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