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Council of Administration
Electronic Boardroom Vote Records
2003 - 2004

  1. Brother Don Darby moved Max Newman, Dave Stephen and Bob Grim Seconded to approve minutes of 10 August 2003 Council of Administration meeting. 10 (ten) votes yes, 0 (zero) votes no. Passed unanimously.

  2. The minutes of the 7 August 2003 Council of Administration meeting needed approval also. All 9 (nine) eligible votes yes, 0 (zero) vote no. Minutes approved.

  3. PCinC Grim moved to approve proposal of CinC Armstrong to offer a Camp/Department the option of purchasing the Order's official ROTC Certificate or the entire Award (with medal, ribbon and certificate). There was a friendly amendment to set the price at $5 per certificate by JVCinC Darby. The motion and friendly amendment was seconded by Council Member Petrovic. 10 (ten) votes yes, 0 (zero) votes no.

  4. National Secretary, Ed Krieser moved seconded by JVCinC Don Darby that with the understanding that the National Defense Medal had been previously removed from the list of those qualifying for the SUVCW War Medal, that the American Defense Medal also be removed from the list and that the Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal be added to the list. 10 (ten) votes yes, 0 (zero) votes no.

  5. Don Darby moved, second by Bob Grim that the War Medal and Membership badge (Gold Star attached) be presented to Brother Geiger's family and that the expenses incurred for the Medal and badge be taken out of the Contingency Fund. 10 (ten) vote yes, 0 (zero) votes no.

  6. Bob Petrovic moved, second by Don Darby to donate $50.00 each to the Shriners' Children's Hospital and the DUVCW Headquarters & Museum in Springfield, IL in the memory of Past National President Bessie L. Smith. 9 (nine) votes yes, 0 (zero) votes no.

  7. It was moved and seconded to remove the C&R from the National Quartermaster's supply list. 9 (nine) votes yes, 0 (zero) votes no.

  8. Moved by Bob Grim, seconded by Bob Petrovic to pay the $205.85 for office table and lamp to be placed in National Headquarters office. 9 (nine) votes yes, zero votes no.

  9. It was moved and seconded to give Gold Star Meritorious Service Award to Brother Lance Corporal Ty Streeter in recognition of his outstanding service to his country in Iraq. 9 (nine) votes yes, 0 (zero) votes no.

  10. Motion by Max Newman Second by Ed Krieser to make procedural changes to the "Guidelines for the National Credentials Committee" so that:

    1. All National Encampment Pre-registrations be sent directly to the National Credentials Committee;

    2. The pre-registration blank form is put on the National Website and in the hands of the BANNER Editor (or printer) by a date prior to the Winter issue of the BANNER. (The only exception to #3 being that since the Winter issue of the Banner has already been published for 2003, that it shall appear in the Spring 2004 issue of the Banner to take effect immediately to be applicable for the 123rd National Encampment in August 2004.);

    3. The Credentials Committee shall, on a weekly basis, inform the Host Department Committee with an updated head count total of how many members are planning to attend;

    4. The Credentials Committee shall send the collected pre-registration fees to the National Treasurer on a two week basis, since the checks need to clear the banks for both the National Organization and the individuals; and that

    5. These changes take effect immediately. 9 (Nine) votes yes, 0(Zero) votes no.

  11. A request by the CinC to exercise summary discipline was approved with 8 (eight) votes yes, 0 (zero) votes no. The CinC as well as the Sr. Vice CinC did not vote. Copies of the full complaint may be obtained from the National Secretary.

  12. Moved by Don Darby, seconded by Bob Grim to reimburse Council of Administration Member PDC Robert Petrovic for his expenses incurred in assisting Department of Iowa with National Encampment planning. 8 (Eight) votes yes and 1 (one) abstention.

  13. Don Darby moved, seconded by Bob Petrovic the following:

    1. Whereas a number of Brothers currently on active duty with the United States Military Forces are in active combat zones,

    2. Whereas these Brothers cannot respond to requests for payment of dues,

    3. Whereas this Order has a history of waiving the National Per Capita Dues in such instances,

    4. Therefore be it resolved that any Brother serving in an active combat zone as of March 31, 2004 shall be exempt from paying the 2004 National per Capita Dues,

    5. Furthermore, all Departments and Camps are hereby memorialized to likewise waive Department and Camp dues for these Brothers for the year 2004.


    To request the waiver, the camp must indicate on a sheet of paper the names, rank and unit of each Brother being exempted. Note the Brother must be in an active combat area/zone to qualify for the exemption. For purposes of implementation any Brother deployed to Iraq or the Afghanistan theaters shall be deemed to be in an active combat zone. 9 (Nine) votes yes, 0 (Zero) votes no.

  14. Don Darby moved, seconded by Max Newman to prepare a letter to be sent to the Allied Orders regarding National Encampment contributions. Eight (8) votes yes and One (1) abstention.

  15. Max Newman moved, Don Darby Second to approve minutes April 17, 2004 Council of Administration meeting minutes. Seven (7) votes yes, two (2) did not vote.

  16. Don Darby moved, Max Newman second that we purchase a floral arrangement (up to $100,00) for Mrs. Martin when the time comes. Eight (8) votes yes, one (1) did not vote.

  17. The Council of Administration concurred that services rendered to our Order by PDC's James Pahl and Robert Petrovic merit the distinction of receiving the SUVCW's 'Gold Star' in conjunction with Meritorious Service Awards being issued by the CinC. Approval was unanimous albeit the voting was kept secret from CoA voting member Petrovic.

  18. Don Darby moved, Robert Grim second to design a plaque to be presented to the local Public Library in the city which the National Encampment is held. Nine (9) votes yes, Zero (0) votes no.

  19. Don Darby moved, Ed Krieser second to move to an alternative server for E-mail addresses for the National Officers due to the problems we are having getting to site. Nine (9) votes yes, Zero (0) votes no.

  20. Robert Grim moved, Robert Petrovic second to present the Order's Founders Award for 2004 to the Friends of the Grand Army of the Republic Cemetery Park located in Seattle, Washington. The vote was Nine (9) votes yes, Zero (0) votes no.

Respectfully Submitted,
Edward J. Krieser, PC-in-C
National Secretary
Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War

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