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Council of Administration Meeting
April 17, 2007
Springfield, Illinios

The National Council of Administration meeting of April 14, 2007, held in Springfield, IL., was called to order by Commander-in-Chief James B. Pahl at 7:05 PM . In addition to the CinC, voting Council Members answering the roll-call of officers were National Treasurer Max Newman, National Secretary Michael Bennett, Council Members James Hanby, Leo Kennedy, Daniel Murray, and D. Brad Schall, and Immediate Past Commander-in-Chief Don Darby. National Counselor Donald Shaw, a non-voting member of the Council, was also present. Additional Past Commanders-in-Chief present were Keith G. Harrison, Alan R. Loomis, Edward J. Krieser, and Stephen Michael s. Guests of the Council included Executive Director Lee Walters, National Chief of Staff Donald Palmer, Foundation Director Robert Petrovic, and Brothers Henry Shaw, Dean Sargent, Keith Young and Tom Brown. Senior Vice Commander-in-Chief Charles Kuhn, Junior Vice Commander-in-Chief David Medert, National Quartermaster Danny L. Wheeler , PCinC, Council Member Eric Schmincke, and National Washington D.C. Representative Andrew Johnson, PCinC were excused to attend to other business.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited by those in attendance, followed by an opening prayer led by Chief of Staff Palmer.

A request was received from the Department of New York through PCinC Danny Wheeler for a license to use the SUVCW logo on a badge to be created and made available celebrating the 125th anniversary of the New York Department. A photo of the 100 th anniversary badge, which this new badge will be modeled after, was shown to the Council. PCinC Darby moved that the license by granted and a second was offered by Council Member Hanby. The motion passed unanimously.

A communication was presented from Department of Missouri Commander John Avery requesting an extension of the deadline for submission of Election Report Form 22s, as two Missouri Camps have not yet submitted their reports. No reason for the Camps’ tardiness was provided. It was noted that the Camps had not yet been suspended. PCinC Darby moved that the request be denied, and that the Department of Missouri be directed to suspend the two Camps currently in violation of Regulations. The motion was seconded by Council Member Hanby. After thorough discussion, the motion to deny the request for an extension passed five votes to two, with Council Members Kennedy and Schall in opposition.

A presentation was then given by the GAR Post Records Committee, concluding with a recommendation that a GAR Post Records Officer be created at the Camp and Department level, to assist in the work of the National Standing Committee. A motion was made by PCinC Darby that the matter be forwarded to the Constitution and Regulations Committee for their review and the creation of these new Officer positions, and that the Program and Policy Committee be directed to create job descriptions for the Department and Camp level GAR Post Records Officers, as well as for the National Standing Committee itself. A second was offered by Brother Kennedy. The motion passed unanimously.

CinC Pahl then offered his proposal of approaching all of the other Allied Orders and asking them to send a representative member to an exploratory committee created to determine what would be required to bring all five Orders together for annual Encampments, if that is found to be desirable by all. Council Member Hanby moved that this be done. The motion was seconded by Council Member Kennedy and passed unanimously.

CinC Pahl noted that a Sons of Union Veterans plain blade sword from the Ames Sword Company will be available for sale to Brothers in the Order through the National Quartermaster. The sword can be engraved for an additional fee.

The three nominations/recommendations received for the SUVCW Founders Award were then shared with the Council. They were for Milwaukee ’s Reclaiming Our Heritage Chairman Laura J. Rinaldi, Harrisburg , PA Mayor Stephen R. Reed, and Lindsay Misegades of Missouri . After some discussion regarding how many nominees could receive the award this year, Council Member Schall moved that only one recipient be chosen in 2007. This was seconded by PCinC Darby and passed unanimously. Council Member Kennedy then moved that, since there are three worthy candidates, ballots be cast by the members of the Council with the recipient of the most ballots being given the award. This was also seconded by PCinC Darby and passed unanimously. Council Members cast six ballots for Ms. Misegades, and one for Mayor Reed. Lindsay Misegades will receive the 2007 Founders Award.

CinC Pahl then announced his recommendations for the Meritorious Service Award with Gold Star. The names of these two Brothers will be omitted from these minutes. Council Member Schall moved that these Brothers receive the award. The motion was seconded by Council Member Hanby and passed unanimously.

It was then noted that Gen. George G. Meade Camp 5 from the Department of Maryland had requested a license from the Council to use the SUVCW name and logo on a Challenge Coin. Council Member Hanby moved and PCinC Darby seconded that the request be granted. The motion was unanimously approved.

CinC Pahl then noted that there were three electronic boardroom votes that had not yet been closed. Council Member Hanby voted that the call for voting for all three motions be closed and, with a majority in favor in each case, that all three motions be approved. The motion was seconded by Council Member Kennedy and passed unanimously.

Brother Henry Shaw was then invited to address the Council regarding two artillery pieces in Hermosa , SD in need of restoration work. These pieces were presented to the Grand Army of the Republic and are reported to have come from Fort Jefferson in the Dry Tortugas . The ownership of the guns may have been incorrectly transferred to the local cemetery association some time ago as well. Brother Shaw asked the Council if they wished for him to continue to work with residents of Hermosa to clear up the title matter, as well as to assist in obtaining and directing funds for restoration of the guns. PCinC Darby moved and Council Member Hanby seconded that Brother Shaw be authorized to continue working on the legal aspects of this project to clear up title of these guns. The motion passed unanimously. To aid in future restoration, Council Member Schall agreed to make a visit during his upcoming travels in that area to examine the pieces and survey their condition and needs.

Secretary Bennett was then given an opportunity to update the Council on his endeavors to reacquire lost or misplaced records of the Order. Specifically, Brother Bennett reminded the Council that several boxes of SUVCW records had been retrieved from the Carlisle War College where they had been left and where they were in danger of being damaged or disposed of, and found their way to the garage of a Pennsylvania Brother. At the 2006 National Encampment this Brother was asked to make these records available to the Order so that they can be moved to the National Headquarters in Harrisburg . Although he agreed, this has not yet been done some eight months later, and this Brother has also declined to respond to a written reminder sent by Secretary Bennett. Secretary Bennett was directed to seek the assistance of Senior Vice Commander-in-Chief Kuhn of Pennsylvania .

Secretary Bennett then read an e-mail from Washington D.C. Representative Johnson in which he encouraged the Order to examine our Protection of Veterans Memorials Resolution and match it with the Resolution passed by the American Legion, and then begin a program of supporting State legislation where needed. CinC Pahl suggested that we need to identify the specifics of the current House Bill, as well as what actions the American Legion has already taken, and then make this information available to the Council for review and appropriate action.

Secretary Bennett then shared a new Camp history prepared by Wilson Camp 1, Department of Tennessee, with the Council. This history will be archived with other Camp and Department histories at the National Headquarters.

Noting that the Department of California and Pacific had voted favorably on the proposed amendment to our National Constitution, Secretary Bennett encouraged all Brothers attending Department Encampments to ensure that the matter came before each Encampment for discussion and vote. It was noted that Iowa and Rhode Island had already approved of the amendment as well.

The subject of insurance for Camps and Departments was raised and discussed in depth. PCinC Krieser was asked to contact Brother Gib Young to discuss the matter in more detail and obtain additional information.

Council Member Murray then brought up several subjects for discussion including the timing of Camp Annual Reports and Department Encampments, Dual Membership, and the need for National representation at several upcoming Department Encampments including New Hampshire , Kentucky and Wisconsin .

Chief of Staff Palmer thanked those who had submitted reports, and noted that he received a 90% response to his request for Officer reports. Brother Palmer noted a few reports that contained recommendations.

National Counselor Shaw reported on inquiries he has received regarding references in our Ritual to the reports of a Visiting Committee. No information in current SUVCW operating documents, publications or forms provides any explanation as to the composition or purpose of this Committee. An entry in the SUVCW Digest from 1883 does make reference to a Visiting and Relief Committee, but clearly there is no easily available description available to Camps following the Ritual. CinC Pahl stated that he will direct the Program & Policy Committee either to define that aspect of the Ritual or recommend its removal.

Whereupon a brief recess was taken.

PCinC Michaels made copies of the winter Banner available to the Council for any who had not received it, as well as the spring edition which was due to be mailed shortly. Brother Michaels noted that portions of The Banner have been placed on the National Website, and also confirmed that an e-mailed copy of The Banner, in its entirety, will now replace the copy formerly sent to members of the Council by first class mail. PCinC Darby recommended that a notice be sent to all who used to receive a first class mailing to inform them of this change.

PCinC Krieser reported that the SUVCW Charitable Foundation has started an ongoing Lincoln Fellow Program with 80% of the funds received going into an Endowment Fund. The Foundation Directors are very excited about the potential of this new program. He also noted that the Lincoln Bicentennial coin being produced by the Foundation should be available by the 2007 National Encampment.

PCinC Harrison noted that there is now a Letter of Understanding between the MOLLUS and SUVCW regarding the annual Lincoln Tomb event. It is hoped that this will enable the two groups to work smoothly together to coordinate and grow this annual event.

PCinC Darby presented hardware options for scanning and archiving the voluminous paper records at our National Headquarters and a discussion ensued.

National Treasurer Newman then gave his Financial Report to the Council. PCinC Darby moved that a new and separate account be opened for finances related to the memorials grant fund. This was seconded by Council Member Hanby and passed unanimously. Brother Hanby then moved that a separate account be opened for the Lincoln Tomb Observance Committee. This was seconded by Council Member Kennedy and passed unanimously.

Brother Newman then proposed that the SUVCW purchase and place a granite bench featuring the Sons’ name and logo in the garden near a statue of Julia Dent Grant at the home of General Ulysses S. Grant in Galena , IL . This is a project being coordinated by the DAR. PCinC Darby moved that up to $1500, as required, be contributed for this purpose. The motion was seconded by Council Member Hanby and passed unanimously.

Brother Newman then updated the Council on difficulties encountered with the Order’s accountant/auditor, and the steps currently being taken to rectify the situation. The CinC and National Counselor are now actively involved.

All were reminded that the next Council of Administration meeting would be the pre-Encampment meeting at the 2007 National Encampment in St. Louis , MO. CinC Pahl thanked the Brothers assembled for their participation in the meeting and for their dedication and service to the Order.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 10:30 PM .


Respectfully Submitted in Fraternity, Charity, & Loyalty,

Michael S. Bennett, PDC

National Secretary, SUVCW


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