Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War

Council Of Administration Meeting
November 21, 1999
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

The Council of Administration (CoA) meeting was called to order by Commander-in-Chief (C-in-C) Danny Wheeler. The following is a summary of the meeting.

The CoA was brought up to date by Tom Williams, Esquire, concerning the Order's case against HGAC. The CoA voted on what direction it wished to proceed if a settlement could not be reached in the next 60 days.

The CoA met with George Hicks, director of the new National Civil War Museum, in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, about possible office space for a National Headquarters. Included in the office space would be an area for the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) foundation. Mr. Hicks also provided the Order with data on the cannon tubes that are in storage for the museum. The CoA agreed to open negotiations with Mr. Hicks about having the National Headquarters at the museum. The museum is scheduled to open July/August 2000.

The CoA approved the purchase of 500 new charters. These charters will be compliant for the year 2000.

The CoA terminated the Special Advisory Committee to the CoA.

The CoA voted to extend the date for resume submission for the position for Executive Director to December 1, 1999.

The CoA approved the Meritorious Service Award with the Gold Star to Past Commander-in-Chief Rich Orr, and Jerry Orton for all of their outstanding work on the behalf of the Order.

The CoA approved use of the logo for Hartranft Camp 15, Department of Pennsylvania, for use for belt buckle. The CoA also asked Camp 15, if it could look into the production of a rectangular belt plate with the SUVCW Coat of Arms for use on sword belts.

The CoA approved Camp 51, Department of Ohio, to sell Camp and Department flags.

The CoA created a new award, Founders Award, to be given once a year by the CoA to a group or individual who performs outstanding service in the memory of Union Civil War Soldiers. The first award will go to Columbia Gas for its outstanding work in refurbishing the Eternal Peace Light Memorial in Gettysburg. The National Military Affairs Committee has looked into an event on the order of a Remembrance Day to be held in the mid-west. This event is tentatively slated for March 21-22, 2001, at Chattanooga, Tennessee. There is the possibility that this event could take place in the year 2000.

The CoA approved a letter to be sent to the Department of New Hampshire supporting it in its effort in forming a legislative Civil War committee. This committee seeks to get into legislation the repairing of all Civil War monuments at Gettysburg, and other Civil War battlefields.

The CoA proposed that all SUVCW forms will be available on line.

It was reported that the restoration of the A.P. Davis portrait is near completion.

The CoA wants to remind all Departments and Camps that the Eagle Scout Certificate must be purchased from the National Quartermaster.

The CoA denied a request from Homer-Searle Camp #114, Department of New York, for use of the SUVCW logo for use on a tee shirt until a prototype can be submitted.

The CoA denied a request for a term extension for Wisconsin Department Commander Stephen Michaels.

The CoA heard reports on and discussed production problems regarding the Banner.

The next meeting of the Council of Administration will be March 2000, with a site, and date to be determined.

C-in-C Wheeler adjourned the meeting.

Respectfully submitted in Fraternity, Charity and Loyalty,
David K. Hann
National Secretary

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