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National Council of Administration

Meeting Minutes

21 November 2010

Gettysburg, PA


The Council of Administration meeting was opened by Commander-in-Chief Brad Schall at 8:01 AM.

Chaplain Kowolski provided a moment of thought and prayer followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

CinC Schall thanked everyone for the support he was given during the Remembrance Day weekend. Brother Vieira was fined $1 for not wearing his badge which he paid five-fold.

The National Secretary called the roll and recorded the following members of the Council of Administration and Guests as present:

Voting Members Present:
Commander-in-Chief D. Brad Schall
Senior Vice Commander-in-Chief Donald D. Palmer Jr.
Junior Vice Commander-in-Chief Perley E. Mellor
National Secretary Eugene G. Mortorff
National Treasurer Richard D. Orr
National Quartermaster Danny L. Wheeler
Council Member Alan L. Russ
Council Member Robert M. Petrovic
Council Member Ken L. Freshley
Council Member Tad D. Campbell
Council Member William C. Vieira
Immediate PCinC Leo F. Kennedy

Non-Voting Members Present:
Washington DC Rep. Andrew M. Johnson (PCinC)

PCinC James B. Pahl
Banner Editor Stephen A. Michaels (PCinC)

Exec. Director David W. Demmy Sr.
SVR Commanding Officer Robert E. Grim (PCinC)

PCinC Donald Darby
PCinC Charles Kuhn

Guests of the Council of Administration:
National Chaplain Jerome Kowalski

Assistant Treasurer Max L. Newman
Sesquicentennial Cte. Michael Beard

Graves Registration Bruce Frail

Brother Beard (Chairman of the Sesquicentennial Committee) presented three specific recommendations from the committee.
(1) Recommend approval of the form submitted for use by camps and departments to use in requesting COA approval for sesquicentennial signature events. A copy of the form was pass out and is in the COA Reports package. During discussion it was recommended that the form be allowed for use by SVR and Allied Orders organizations also.
Motion by Brother Russ, seconded by Brother Orr was made to approve the form as submitted. More discussion followed. A motion to amend the original motion was made by brother Orr and seconded by Brother Kennedy to allow for non-SUVCW sponsors and to include two appropriate boxes on the form to allow for this.
Motion amendment and original motion approved unanimously.

(2) A recommendation as made to approve the first request for a sesquicentennial signature event submitted by the Department of Texas. The application was read by brother Beard and copies of the application were provided to the members.
Motion to approve the Department of Texas’ request was made by brother Mellor seconded by brother Vieira and discussion followed. Discussion centered on whether the event qualifies because it fell outside the dates provided in the SUVCW charter for the Civil War. Questions like: What constitutes a sesquicentennial signature even considering different Civil War start and end dates for consideration? Could we just endorse and not formally approve? It was decided that even an endorsement would be considered to be a form of approval anyway.
Motion passes with one dissent.

(3) Brother Beard then presented a recommended design for the Sesquicentennial Medal (also contained in the COA Reports).
Motion to approved the new medal design was made by Brother Russ, seconded by Brother Kennedy. Lengthy discussion followed. Items discussed included:
a. Potential difficulty for units to produce the recommended ribbon bars.
b. Difficulty of producing the bars, and distributing them through the QM store.
c. Possibility of designing one medal (for Allied orders) and another (for general public)
and using a “,Sesquicentennial Passport” that could be stamped at events participated in.
A substitute motion made by brother Orr and seconded by brother Wheeler to produce a single medal to be made available by using a passport system for individuals participating in approved sesquicentennial events. Stars to denote the number of events they attend (bronze 5 , silver 10, and gold 15 with combinations of those for higher numbers) would be made available. Discussion followed.
Substitute motion passed unanimously.

Graves Registration Committee Chairman Bruce Frail discussed and presented recommendations on the Graves Registration Database.
Motion by Brother Orr and seconded by Brother Vieira to recommend joint action committee of Brother Freshley and Brother Frail to obtain unlimited bandwidth internet services to host the Graves Registration Database for a cost of up to $600 per year, but not to exceed five years (Not including maintenance costs.). When setting up this service, use name, organization title and organization address in lieu of personal information.
Motion passed unanimously.

Brother Mellor brought up an issue concerning members who geographically move to new locations and the SUVCW then experiences problems on tracking their move and keeping them active in the organization. The problem is they move, but don’t contact us and they are dropped from the membership. This is a camp secretary responsibility, but many aren’t doing it properly. Brother Michaels (Banner Editor) expounded on the problem and provided some examples. The question is: How can we keep track of members who have moved to other locations where camps do not exist, or they don’t join a new camp. Brother Mellor and Executive Director Demmy will get together and work out a solution to the problem.

The restore Memorial Day Committee made a recommendation.
The first recommendation: To continue to ask support from all members of the SUVCW, as well as the ladies in all the Allied Orders, and encourage them to sign petitions.
Action: The CinC will take care of this personally.

The second recommendation: To set up an informational table to gather signatures at the various events they attend.
Action: The CinC will encourage this.

Brother Palmer, Chairman of the Programs and Policy Committee, made the following recommendations. (Separate Report)
Motion by brother Orr, seconded by brother Campbell to approve the changes to form 27as presented.
Passed unanimously.
Motion by brother Mellor, seconded by brother Freshley to approve the changes to Form 35 as presented.
Passed unanimously.
Motion by brother Freshley, seconded by brother Petrovic to approve the changes to Form 55 as presented
Passed unanimously.
Motion by brother Campbell, seconded by brother Orr to approve the changes to Form 49 as presented.
Passed unanimously
Motion by brother Kennedy, seconded by brother Mellor to approve the changes to Form 30 as presented, with the addition of a corrected instruction page.
Passed unanimously.
A discussion over the Memorial Grant Form as presented, with the addition of the time limit additions discussed, included a suggestion that forms be sent directly to the National Headquarters.

Motion by brother Russ, seconded by brother Orr to return the Form 62 back to the Programs and Policy Committee to be reworked in coordination with the National Executive Director, National Treasurer and Brother Petrovic.
Motion passed unanimously.

Motion by brother Orr, seconded by brother Campbell for the Programs and Policies Committee coordinate with Executive Director to streamline mailings to National Officers.
Motion passed unanimously.

A discussion on changing the Banner policy to include an extension of information on National Officers and to also reduce the amount of Micro-management of the Banner Editor was held.
This item is a carry-over from the last COA meeting. The issue is whether any changes are required in the Banner Editor’s job description. Another part of the discussion was a possible form to be used to help in the submission of items for publication in the Banner.
No action needed at this time. Programs and Policy Committee will continue working on this.

Brother Palmer put forth an idea that a formal “VISION” be developed for this organization. Discussion included opinions on whether we should establish a committee to work on establishing a vision. CinC Schall suggested brother Palmer to create a framework and report to the CinC at the next COA meeting. To assist him, the CinC appointed an Ad Hoc committee (Brother Palmer, Brother Kennedy and Brother Campbell) and requested they report back on this at the next COA meeting. Additional Ad Hoc committee members may be appointed.

The Treasurer presented on the status of our holdings and the budget. No action required.

National Quartermaster and Treasurer announced that prices for all items in store will go up about 10 percent. The new prices incorporate the now required 8% NY State Sales Tax.

Brother Orr presented a recommended Conflict of Interest policy that is required by law. We are required to have a policy in place by December 31, 2010. The related Disclosure Statement must be executed by Elected and other officers decided by the Order. These statements must be reviewed by the CinC, and filed by the National Secretary. Discussion followed.
Motion by brother Vieira, seconded by brother Russ to accept the Conflict of Interest Policy as presented.
Motion passed unanimously.

Brother Orr discussed the need for a fraud policy to be in place by next year.
Motion by brother Orr, seconded by brother Campbell to have the Programs and Policy Committee, using the example policy provided, develop a fraud policy applicable to the SUVCW.
Motion passed unanimously.

Motion by brother Orr, seconded by brother Wheeler to adopt a resolution to authorize the treasurer to be signatory on the SUVCW’s Vangard Mutual Fund account and make changes as necessary to said account on behalf of the SUVCW.
Motion passed unanimously.

Brother Wheeler made a presentation on a new GAR Anniversary Challenge Coin. He recommends the SUVCW produce, and make available (through the Quartermaster’s Store) to the Camps and Departments, to use as a token of gratitude for donations of a certain amount to their organizations. Sales tax included in pricing.
Motion by brother Mellor, seconded by brother Schall to approve the proposal presented concerning the GAR Sesquicentennial Challenge Coins and change paragraph three read quantities of 10 instead of 20.
Motion passed unanimously.

Secretary, Brother Mortorff reported that he has three new Camps in different stages of completion awaiting completed Charter applications. He also has one replacement Charter that he is working on for a Department of New Hampshire Camp that is coming along well.

There is currently no actions pending in the Electronic Boardroom. And no official correspondence has been received since the last COA meeting.

A motion to approve a request from the James Brady Camp in the Department of Maryland for a license to produce a customized wooden plaque featuring the SUVCW emblem was seconded. License will expire at the same time as all other approved licenses.
Motion passed unanimously.

Brother wheeler made a presentation, and recommended manufacture and sale of a new Certificate of Commendation that could be used by Camps and Departments in our Order.
A Motion by brother Mellor, seconded by brother Schall to authorize the Quartermaster to develop a Certificate of Commendation similar to the example for use by Camps and Departments.
Motion passed unanimously.

Brother Wheeler presented the prototype of the new SUVCW Guidon that can be custom ordered by Camps and Departments. He will be adding this to the Quartermaster Stores inventory and sell for approx. $50. The prototype was presented to the CinC.

Brother Petrovic made a presentation on the changes in store for this year’s Lincoln Tomb Observance (Separate Document Attached), the biggest being the selection of a new Hotel hosting the SUVCW. Brother Petrovic provided a written document outlining the plans and details for the April event. The updated information will be available on the SUVCW website.

Brother Petrovic made a presentation on new SUVCW grave markers being made available by the Foundation. A color diagram was provided. The marker is designed to be epoxy attached to the grave stone.
Motion was made by brother Orr, seconded by brother Campbell to approve the request for a SUVCW license to manufacture and sell this item.
Motion passed unanimously.

A presentation was made by brother Vieira concerning the status of the outstanding Proceedings reports. For the Missing 112th, 116th, and 118th, the Secretary will prepare Certification letters for signature by the CinC and Secretary. The certification letters will reflect the dates, and election of officer details only. The letters will be filed, and copies provided to the Proceedings committee to be incorporated in their final report.

The Chaplain suggested we have something more than the Great Seal to drape at memorial services. The National charter is in the National Archives and is unavailable. Discussion followed. No final decision on this matter was reached.

A short report on the upcoming, Department of Maryland sponsored, National Encampment was made by the Department Commander Mortorff. All major decisions and work have been accomplished and the Committee is now just making small adjustments in the details. Over the last week, CinC Schall personally inspected the site, and met with the Committee Chairman. He is pleased with the status of the preparations. Registration and hotel reservation information will be published in the Banner, and will be on the SUVCW website soon.

Discussion was held on the use of motorized vehicles for SUVCW, Allied Orders and other otherwise eligible Remembrance Day Parade participants. There was a situation this year where a handicapped individual was denied permission to participate in the parade because she relied on the use of a “scooter.” The CinC referred this issue to the Remembrance Day committee and requests a recommended for consideration at the next COA meeting.

CinC Schall announced that he will be coordinating Department visitations by email instead of at the COA meeting in order to move things along.

Motion by brother Orr, seconded by brother Freshley, to approve the renewal contract (with minor changes) for the National Executive Director.
Motion passed unanimously

Motion by Brother Mellor, seconded by Brother Schall, to approve a new contract for Ms Petrovic to serve as Official SUVCW Photographer for Remembrance Day, Lincoln Tomb Day and the National Encampment, as read at the meeting. Discussion followed.
Motion passed with brother Petrovic abstaining.

A presentation on the new retainer contract for accounting services was made by brother Orr and the contract was read.
Motion by Brother Mellor, seconded by Brother Schall, to accept the contract as presented.
Motion passed with brother Orr abstaining.

An announcement was made that Brother Grim was promoted to two-star general as he now commanders an SVR membership now surpassing 1500 members.

With no further business to come before the Council, Commander-in-Chief Schall asked National Chaplain Jerome Kowalski to provide a closing prayer and subsequently adjourned the meeting at 12:26 PM.

Respectfully submitted in Fraternity, Charity and Loyalty,

Eugene G. Mortorff, DC,
National Secretary, SUVCW


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