Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War

Council Of Administration Meeting
November 22,1998
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

A productive meeting of the Council of Administration was held in Gettysburg, PA. The following is a summary of the meeting.

The minutes for the August 8, 1998 Council of Administration meeting were approved with the following corrections. George Powell as Chair of the Finance committee, and David Hann as Committee Chair for the job description for the Executive Director/Secretary.

The CINC noted the death of PCINC Gene Russell and the SUVCW funeral. He also noted the passing of Ms Daisy Anderson, one of the last of three widows of Civil War veterans. He called for recommendations for National Recruiting Officer.

The National Civil War Monuments Officer will head a group of officers who will make contact with cemeteries, museums and historical societies regarding our concern for monument preservation, graves registration and the location of GAR records. The Civil War Monuments Officer has already contacted all departments with lists of condemned ordnance known to be in their department area of operations and has urged department commanders to make our Order's interest known to those who have custody.

Proceedings will be published before April. Glenn Knight has been placed in charge of engaging transcription and editing services.

The CINC announced that he will appoint an Aide for Personnel Selection members interested in serving in national positions. This will provide future Commanders with a broader knowledge of potential appointees.

The National Secretary will work with department commanders to prepare a National Directory of Camps and Departments. The CINC will send letters to departments which have not submitted necessary data.

The Senior Vice CINC is providing all departments with lists of commercial and other news media outlets. Departments should make this information available to their camps to stimulate local publicity efforts.

The CINC announced that he believes there is a need for a national recruiting intake program not currently possible under the C&R. One or more departments will propose to the Indianapolis Encampment that the national office be permitted to recruit by national advertising and enroll members at a standard fee. New members gained in this manner would be forwarded to departments and thence to camps. The proposal will permit rapid intake of interested persons who see our national publicity.

The CINC will forward a Certificate of Merit to individuals and cities that take initiative to preserve CW monuments and graves. Names and postal addresses with a description of the good deeds performed should be sent directly to the CINC. Similarly, a new certificate for recruiting 3 or more members in a year is available and will be mailed with a swatch of national ribbon to deserving brothers. An advertisement for the order will run in the January issue of Civil War Times. This is hoped to capture new subscribers, especially those receiving C.W.T. as a holiday gift.

Approved Ken Richmond as Banner Editor.

The following Departments were issued waivers from the National Web Site fee: Departments of Vermont, California/Pacific, Southwest, Colorado/Wyoming, and Iowa. Departments that have not paid nor requested a waiver from the Commander-in-Chief could have their Web page shut off.

Approved an initial allowance of two thousand ($2000.00) dollars for legal expenses for the case with HGAC in the Gettysburg GAR Hall dispute.

Approved the creation of a new fund. The Civil War Memorials Preservation Fund. This fund will accept donations to be used for the preservation of monuments.

Approved a proposal from the Department of Illinois for a new award to be given to the Department that organizes three new camps in a year.

Did not concur with another proposal from the Department of Illinois for a certificate for ROTC/OTC members.

Approval for a new Department organization form.

Declined a request from the Department of the Southwest for honorary membership for Mr. Clarence Sasser.

Approved the printing of ten thousand (10,000) brochures. These brochures will feature the National Organization mail drop post office box in Gettysburg, PA. These brochures will be distributed to different battlefield parks throughout the National Park system.

Approved a letter of support for brother Gregg Meirka and the Department of Rhode Island in their fight over GAR/SUVCW artifacts that are illegally in the possession of the Benefit street Arsenal. These artifacts are the property of the Rhode Island Department SUVCW.

Approved the changing of the dates of service for the War medal. These date changes effect Vietnam era veterans only.

Approved the payment of $108.00 for the Commanding Officer and staff badges for the Sons of Veterans Reserve.

Approved (Keys) passwords to the Council of Administration Boardroom on the web site. This password will be given to all COA members as well as Past Commanders-in-Chiefs and the National Councelor.

Approved a request from the Department of Pennsylvania for the creation of a Pennsylvania Meritorious Service Award to be given to a member within their department.

Approved returning the Banner back to its original size of 8 1/2 X 11.

Approved a donation of one thousand ($1,000) dollars to be used in cataloging, scanning, and placing some 1,500 Civil War images of Michigan soldiers. These images will be available on the Internet. The organization will receive recognition for this contribution.

Approved a donation of five hundred ($500.00) dollars for preservation of the Thomas Espy GAR meeting room. This room is located at the Carnegie Library, in Carnegie, PA. The restoration work is being spearheaded by the 9th Pennsylvania Reserves.

Approved license use of the SUVCW emblem for the Department of Michigan to make Computer “mouse” pads. This permission will expire on June 30, 2000.

A job description for an Executive Director is being constructed by the committee and will be ready for consideration by the COA at the March 1999 meeting.

The Council of Administration would like to extend its thanks to the following brothers:

Contracts have been signed for the year 2001 National Encampment to be held in Springfield, Missouri.

The COA agreed not to pursue at this time a book review concept which could gain incidental income for the Order.

Approved a letter condemning cannon salesman Mr. Stiles for his practice of purchasing cannon from cemeteries.

The next meeting of the Council of Administration will be on March 20, 1999, with a site to be determined.

Respectfully submitted in F., C., & L.,
David K. Hann
National Secretary

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