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Council of Administration Meeting
November 16, 2003
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

The meeting was brought to order by Commander-in-Chief Kent Armstrong at 8:03 a.m. An opening prayer was given by Past C-in-C Richard Schlenker, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

The Roll Call of Officers was read. Those present were C-in-C Kent Armstrong, Sr. Vice C-in-C Stephen Michaels, Jr. Vice C-in-C Donald Darby, PC-in-C Robert Grim, National Quartermaster PC-in-C Elmer Atkinson, National Secretary PC-in-C Edward Krieser and PDC Robert Petrovic. Absent were Max Newman and Ronald Gill due to their illness and David Stephen due to severe illness of his wife. PC-in-C Shlenker asked that minutes show that those absent be excused for just causes. The C-in-C agreed and it is so noted in these minutes. Non voting Council members present included PC-in-C Charles Corfman, PC-in-C David R. Medert, PC-in-C George Powell, National Washington DC Representative PC-in-C Andrew Johnson, and National Counselor PDC James B. Pahl. Executive Director PCC Lee F. Walters, Chief of Staff Michael Bennett, and BANNER Print Service Provider John Hart were also in attendance.

The "Electronic Boardroom" votes, made since the last full Council meeting, were reviewed and approved as follows:

Officer and Committee Reports were reviewed. Highlights include:

Sr. Vice C-in-C submitted the Program and Policy Committee Report, with proposed changes to certain Policies of the Order.

Jr. Vice C-in-C Report - Recruitment for the Order appears to be doing well based on the number of applications received since the 2003 Ntl. Encampment. To date, the Order has received 58 applications, an average of 5.8 applications a week since mid-August. Fifteen requests for applications via regular mail were also received. "Heads-up" email is sent to all Junior Vice Commanders (that have email) telling them the date that an application is mailed to them, along with contact information for the new Brother. Department of California and Pacific JVC Tad Campbell, and Brother Linn Hoadley, NMAL Coordinator, are commended for their fast action in placing members into Camps.

Report of the National Committee on Americanization and Education - Permission requested to prepare & distribute "a simple yet informative sheet of "online resources for studying the Civil War in (whatever state)." Motion to approve made by Bob Grim, seconded by Bob Petrovic, passed unanimously.

Report of the Committee on Constitution and Regulations - The committee has been working on proposed changes to the Regulations, to reflect the direction the Order is moving and to ensure a broad base of the Brother's of the Order are represented on the Council. The committee will have specific amendments to the Regulations to present to the 123rd National Encampment, to accomplish that goal:

The committee has also considered one other matter. To properly recognize and thank our former National elected officers who have served the Order over the years (such as James Lyons, Todd Shillington, Doug Park, Gary Gibson, David Hann and David Wallace - etc), that all former National elected officers (including elected council members) be allowed to wear the gold "national" ribbon on their membership badge, in perpetuity.

Report of the National Counselor - In light of the report from the Committee on Constitution and Regulations, I call upon the Commander in Chief to appoint a special committee to explore the possibilities of entering into a contract with the newly formed foundation to take over the current duties of the National Quartermaster. Such contract would allow the foundation to sell these items to brothers only, with the view that there would be some excess income for the foundation to use for its various purposes. All prices would have to be agreed upon between the CofA and the foundation.

Executive Director's Report - The Annual Reporting System is functioning very well. There were initially many problems with inaccurate computation of per capita due. This was primarily because those filling out the forms did not read the instructions. After some correspondence and clarification, this has been resolved in most cases. I am regularly receiving Form 30s from the Departments. The new reporting forms are easy to use and I have no doubt that as the Department Secretaries become more accustomed to using them, they will realize a considerable reduction in the amount and complexity of their work.

Bob Grim Moved Bud Atkinson seconded to purchase a new multi function printer, copier, fax as requested by the Executive Director in amount of $499.99 plus tax. Motion carried by all present.

Bob Grim Moved seconded by Bob Petrovic to table for the lack of information, the request of the Pennsylvania Department to get Council of Administration approval to transfer possession of Pennsylvania Department records over 7 years old to the Pennsylvania State Archives.

Don Darby moved and Bob Grim seconded to maintain the requirements for the War Medal with the exclusion of the American Defense Medal and the National Defense Medal and the inclusion of the Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal. Passed by unanimous vote of those present

Ed Krieser Moved and Bob Grim second to rescind the previous Boardroom vote which changed the elements of the ROTC Award thus restoring it to only the full award of Medal, campaign ribbon and certificate. Unanimously passed.

Bob Grim moved, Don Darby seconded to allow the SUVCW Charitable Foundation to secure the services of an 'outside entity' to manufacture, advertise and market all items that the foundation is licensed to sell. Passed by unanimous vote.

Ed Krieser moved, Don Darby second to pay Rebecca Pratt the balance of her contract ($750.00) for her work on the proceedings of the 2003 National Encampment. Passed by unanimous vote.

In response to a suggestion by C-in-C Armstrong, PC-in-C Grim moved, Bob Petrovic second to have Ed Krieser proceed to have the silver gavel (presented to Clarence Riddell during his term as C-in-C) mounted on a plaque for display at the National Headquarters. Passed by unanimous vote. [PCinC Riddell was married to an aunt of PCinC Elmer (Bud) Atkinson. In 1976, Clarence and Caroline Riddell were the first married couple to be elected to serve as the CinC of the SUVCW and National President of the ASUVCW respectively, at the same time.]

A design sketch was submitted for a "Last Soldier Plaque" by Custer Camp 1 (Dept. of IL) with the request that it be approved for sale to other Camps of the Order, as a fundraiser. Since a recommended plaque has already been established, approval was not given to the proposed design, for exclusive use, only. Custer Camp 1 may produce their proposed plaque for their own use, and offer it for sale to other Camps, as an alternative design.

Bob Grim moved, Bob Petrovic second to adjourn. The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted in
Fraternity, Charity and Loyalty,
Edward J. Krieser, PC-in-C
National Secretary

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