Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War

Council Of Administration Meeting
August 22, 1999
Indianapolis, Indiana

The post Encampment meeting of the Council of Administration (CoA) was called to order at 7:08 am by Commander-in-Chief (C-in-C) Danny Wheeler.

Present were C-in-C Wheeler, Senior Vice Commander-in-Chief (SVC-in-C) Ed Krieser, Junior Vice Commander-in-Chief George Powell, National Secretary Treasurer James Pahl, Council Members Gary L. Gibson, Past Commander-in-Chief PC-in-C David Medert, PC-in-C Andrew M. Johnson and Kent Armstrong, National Quartermaster PC-in-C Bud Atkinson. Non-voting members included PCinCs Richard Orr, Richard Greenwalt and Charles Corfman. Absent was National Secretary David Hann. Council Member Gibson appointed National Secretary, pro temp.

BANNER - There was discussion on accepting paid advertisement. It was decided to table discussion until we find out the ramifications from the aspect of the IRS/tax status.

The publisher of the Confederate Veteran is not interested in taking us on. The timeliness of the Banner is a concern of all. The SVC-in-C will follow up. The C-in-C has appointed a committee to put together an eight-page generic history/info "pull-out" section to be placed in an upcoming issue of the Banner. The purpose would be to have something that could be placed in public areas; i.e., Doctors waiting rooms, etc. to promote the Order, and get it out to the membership for distribution.

It was moved and seconded to re-appoint Brother Ken Richmond as Banner Editor. It was indicated that it was not necessary to re-appoint this position every year. The motion and the second were withdrawn.

Brother Dean Speaks (Kansas) asked about the mailing of the Banner and the timeliness of the membership receiving it. It was indicated that problems could lie in the local post offices (4th Class mail).

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR - We have a job description and a proposed contract Discussion ensued on ways of advertising and filling the position. The SVC-in-C was directed to contact the Banner Editor and include an ad in the next issue. The ad and job description will also be placed on our web page. A lengthy discussion ensued on if we want to limit applicants to members of the Order. It was agreed we would accept outside applications.

A deadline for accepting applications was proposed as October 1, 1999. The Council agreed to have the email responses addressed to PC-in-C Orr. The Special Search Committee appointed by the C-in-C; Orr, Pahl and Armstrong. This committee will screen applicants and narrow down to whom they think are qualified applicants. These will then be presented to the CoA for consideration.

GAR FLAGS IN THE SMITHSONIAN - The C-in-C will set up committee to investigate condition of the Grand Army of the Republic material in the position of the Smithsonian.

CAMP SEALS - The question of the availability of seal presses was brought up on the floor of the Encampment. The National Quartermaster will have information placed in a future issue of the Banner.

ANNUAL DUES FOR Membership-at-Large (MAL) - A motion was made and seconded to set dues at $25.00, with $10.00 application fee; motion passed.

LIFE MEMBER INTEREST PAYMENT - A motion made and seconded to set payment to camps at $6.00; motion passed.

ON-LINE APPLICATION FORM - A discussion ensued on any changes that need to be made on the form. None decided on.

POLICY ON GRAVES REGISTRATION - A motion was made and seconded to have the Programs and Policy Committee consult with Communications and Technology Committee on data bases and re-write the policy; motion passed.

CHARTERS - A discussion took place on the printing of new camp charters to be "Y2K" compatible. Topics included size of charter, who/where to print, use of acid -free paper, etc. The National Quartermaster was directed to obtain estimates on printing 500 and 1,000.

EBAY ON-LINE AUCTIONS - A discussion took place on policing e-Bay for veterans' grave markers. We will need to keep on them. A special committee has been set up by the C-in-C to take over the job from Brother Powell. It will not only police e-Bay, but any other on-line auction house.

COMUNICATIONS AND TECHNOLOGY - We are still paying for a high-speed line, for the Communications and Technologies officer, which we no longer need. A motion made and seconded to shut down the high-speed line; motion passed. The Assistant Treasurer will contact the officer to let him know we will no longer pay for the line.

COMMEMORATIVE ENCAMPMENT BADGES - Motion made and seconded to have National Quartermaster sell both the Encampment badges and the GAR commemorative badges. The Encampment badge, (star with red, white and blue ribbon), to be available to registered delegates who were present. Limit one, at $6.00 each, including postage. The GAR Commemorative (eagle with gold ribbon), to be sold first to registered delegates present, limit two, at $6.00 each, including postage. Requests must be postmarked by December 31. After that, badges will be made available to general membership for $11.00 each. One of each badge will be donated to the GAR Museum in Philadelphia and the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall at Pittsburgh.

MINUTES OF CoA MEETINGS - Motion made and seconded to have minutes of all CoA meetings be disseminated to every member of the CoA in a reasonable time after the meeting. For those on line, it can be done electronically, and the Secretary be directed to mail to all members of the CoA, voting and non-voting, the minutes of those meetings; motion passed. It was asked by the C-in-C to put in the minutes that we are still waiting on the minutes of the March meeting.

PRINTED PROCEEDINGS - The National Quartermaster has received 1984, 1985, and 1989 printed proceedings. Discussion on sending out booklets to all delegates who are still living, and from which account the postage will come from. Bud also inquired about what to do with old proceedings. Motion made and seconded to sell them through the Quartermaster for $5.00 each; motion passed.

PC-in-C Johnson noted that this Encampment has accomplished two things that are essential for the Good of the Order, and will make this Order grow; the Executive Director and the direct intake of applicants into the Order. Membership now can grow, we can make it grow, and he is delighted with those two.

HONORARY MEMBERSHIP - The Department of New York has requested honorary membership for Bennidict Merrionik. A motion made and seconded. It was indicated that the gentleman's actions, as laudable as they are, do not meet the requirements set down in the Constitution and Regulations. The motion was withdrawn. It was suggested that the Department of New York make him an honorary member in the department or the camp. The C-in-C could issue a Certificate of Appreciation.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:50 am. The next meeting will take place at Gettysburg in November.

Respectfully submitted in F, C. and L.,
Gary L. Gibson, PDC
National Secretary pro temp

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