Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War

Council Of Administration Meeting
August 18, 1999
Indianapolis, IIndiana

Commander-in-Chief (CinC) Andrew Johnson called the meeting of the Council of Administration (CoA) to order at 9:00 a.m. at the Adams Mark Hotel in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Budget 1999-2000. National Treasurer James Pahl presented the Financial Report and Proposed Budget for 1999?2000. The comparison of General Fund Actual Expenses versus Budget for 1998?1999 showed excess expenditures for two line items: Transcribing of Proceedings and Depreciation on the computer. Brother Pahl moved that the 1998-1999 budget be amended to authorize those categories where expenditures exceeded the budget. His motion was seconded and passed.

Civil War Memorial Preservation Fund. Brother Pahl said he planned to ask this Encampment to increase National per capita by $1 per year (25 per quarter) to support this fund [The CW Memorial Preservation Fund was previously approved by the CoA - and received a $100 donation toward it in 1998-1999.] Camps would be able to request up to $500 from this fund for CW Memorial Preservation projects. The CoA members would review these requests and approve them subject to availability within the fund. Per Past Commander-in-Chief (PCinC)/Assistant National Secretary Richard Orr, Camps requesting funds should be required to fill out a form to provide all necessary information for the request - also that there should be an assurance that there be "in kind" service performed by the Camp members requesting funds in support of a grant.

Discussion ensued on "reserve funds." PCinC Orr advised that the last budgets - and the 1999-2000 proposed budget - have included "reserve funds" - In effect, we're budgeting to spend more in general funds than we're taking in via member dues. The increase in membership isn't covering the increase in expenses. We haven't raised per capita in 10 years. It was moved by National Treasurer Pahl and seconded by PCinC Orr that National Percapita be increased by $2 per year - $1 toward general fund expenditures and $1 toward the CW Memorial Preservation Fund. Passed with one no vote. It was moved and seconded that preliminary approval of the 1999-2000 budget as amended pending action of the Encampment; motion passed.

G.A.R. Foundation, Inc. it was moved, seconded that the CoA formally endorse and establish a working relationship with the G.A.R. Foundation, Inc., and that the seats on the Board as proposed be accepted; motion passed.

SUVCW Financial Advisor. PCinC Orr presented and moved a proposal from Bill Few Associates recommending investments for SUVCW Funds. There was a second. National Treasurer Paul strenuously objected to one of the recommendations in the proposal - Disney Corporation - because of many of Disney's objectionable practices. The original motion by PCinC Orr was: That CoA engage Bill Few Associates as financial advisor and accept its proposal subject to modification by the National Treasurer as needed to support cash flow. Brother Orr amended his motion so as to delete the Disney Corporation for prospective investments. The amendment was seconded and passed unanimously. The original motion as amended was then passed unanimously.

Springfield, Illinois Event. The National Military Affairs Committee was tasked with investigating a proposal to expand Lincoln Death Day activities in Springfield, Illinois, to be similar to Remembrance Day in Gettysburg. This would provide the exposure to a big event in the West. PCinC/Committee Chairman Atkinson reported that the people in charge of Lincoln Death Day activities didn't want to relinquish control over the event but said that the Sons of Veterans Reserve (SVR) could parade and then participate in the event. However, Death Day is observed on the actual date of Lincoln's death so the ceremonies do not always fall on the weekend. It would be difficult to schedule a midweek event for the SVR event and get much attendance. An alternative would be to support the Stevenson G.A.R. observance in Decatur, Illinois, which does fall on the weekend. Discussion of this issue was tabled pending action of the Encampment and would be taken up again at the CoA Meeting on Sunday, August 22, 1999.

Special Issue of the Banner. Discussion centered on a special issue of the Banner to be placed in libraries, schools, doctors' offices, etc. as a generic issue to promote the Order. Camps could purchase copies at cost for distribution. Senior Vice Commander-in-Chief Danny Wheeler expressed a concern that until the problem of meeting distribution deadlines is solved it is unwise to talk about a special issue. PCinC Charles Corfman suggested that the special issue could be combined with a regular issue, which would save distribution and printing costs. This could be in insert/supplement which could then be stocked by the National Quartermaster (per PCinC Orr). CinC Johnson stated this is an issue to be worked out between the Publisher and Editor ant that we don't want to interfere with the regular Banner.

It was moved and seconded that during 1999-2000 the Publisher (working with the Editor) cause an insert to the Banner as a recruitment tool - if feasible - and that the incoming CinC appoint a special committee to prepare the material to relieve the burden from the Editor; motion passed.

Turner Publishing Company. National Quartermaster Atkinson asked if the Banner could run an ad from Turner Publishing Company for its existing excess stock of the History of the SUVCW. There would be nothing the Order gets out of this other than the ad revenue. PCinC Orr reminded everyone present that income gotten this way is considered by the I.R.S. to be "unrelated business income" which is taxable. Consensus was that since the book has only about three pages of "history" and that the rest of the book is member biographies, few people who haven't already bought the book would want it - but that Turner Publishing's ad probably wouldn't warn people about these shortcomings. Moved, seconded and passed that Turner be told the SUVCW "isn't interested" and to trash the excess books.

Encampment 2002, Springfield, Illinois. The Department of Illinois has submitted a bid to host the 2002 Encampment in Springfield. This would be a good site - especially as Lincoln's Home, grave site, etc. are nearby. The bid was turned over to the Encampment Site Committee for action.

Other. Council Member George Powell presented his report as eBay Watchdog report.

PCinC Orr reported that the oil portrait of A.P. Davis which graced the cover of the last Banner is in need of restoration - estimated to cost $2,200. It was moved (PCinC Orr) and seconded (SVCinC Wheeler) $2,200 from the Special Project General Fund be used to restore the Davis' portrait; motion passed.

PCinC Orr reported on the outcome of the Scranton Cannon case. The judge ruled in Ezra Griffin Camp's favor and awarded $48,500 in damages plus interest. The defendant was Russ Pritchard III. The ruling also stated that the deed of conveyance from the G.A.R. included "real property." This precedent set in Pennsylvania may apply in other states. The cannon in question is believed to be now in the possession of Hank Williams, Jr. There may be a way to get it back from Williams - as a donation by Williams, or purchase by the Camp with the awarded funds - since the Camp wanted the gun back rather than money right from the start.

The Department of Florida wrote requesting funds which reverted to National when a Florida Camp-at-Large (which was never a part of the Department of Florida) folded. However, the Camp in question owed $825 in back per capita when it closed. Florida Department's letter said that the Camp had turned over $900 but the National records showed only $800 was tuned in - so National was stilled owed $25. It was moved and seconded that since all assets are held by Camps and Departments in trust for the National Organization, said assets turned over when a Camp-at-Large or Department ceases to exist are property of the National Organization and cannot be reclaimed; motion passed.

It was moved and seconded that Glenn Knight be named "Banner Editor Emeritus"; motion passed. It was moved and seconded adjourn; motion passed. The meeting adjourned at 11:30 a.m.

Respectfully submitted in F., C., & L.,
Kenneth Hershberger
National Secretary pro temp

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