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National Council of Administration

Meeting Minutes

15 August 2010

Overland Park, KS


The Council of Administration meeting was opened by Commander-in-Chief Brad Schall at 8:05 AM.

The opening prayer was offered by National chaplain Jerome Kowalski, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

A roll call recorded the following members of the Council of Administration and Guests as present:

Voting Members Present:
Commander-in-Chief D. Brad Schall
Senior Vice Commander-in-Chief Donald D. Palmer Jr.
Junior Vice Commander-in-Chief Perley E. Mellor
National Secretary Eugene G. Mortorff
National Treasurer Richard D. Orr
National Quartermaster Danny L. Wheeler
Immediate PCinC Leo F. Kenned
Council Member Alan L. Russ
Council Member Robert M. Petrovic
Council Member Ken L. Freshley
Council Member Tad D. Campbell
Council Member William C. Vieira

Non-Voting Members Present:
Washington DC Rep. Andrew M. Johnson (PCinC)
PCinC James B. Pahl
Banner Editor Stephen A. Michaels (PCinC)
Exec. Director David W. Demmy Sr.
SVR Commanding Officer Robert E. Grim (PCinC)

Guests of the Council of Administration:
National Chaplain Jerome Kowalski
Assistant Treasurer Max L. Newman
Jerry R. Sayre
Blair G. Rudy - Sesquicentennial Cte.
Gary Gibson

Commander-in-Chief Brad Schall opened the meeting by welcoming everyone and thanking them for their support. A lively discussion on his new Gold CinC Hat was enjoyed. This was followed by an introduction and welcome of guests. Brother Petrovic presented CofA member Don Palmer a special nametag that read “Dr. Hair.”

Brother Blair Rudy, a member of our Sesquicentennial Committee gave a Presentation on the proposed Sesquicentennial Medal that was passed by the Encampment. A question about who would be authorized to purchase the medal was held. It was decided that it should be opened to anyone, but possibly have a different color ribbon for members of the Allied Orders. Brother Rudy will go back to the committee and they will make the changes and provide a final proposal to the National Secretary for review at the Council of Administration meeting in Gettysburg. Brother Petrovic indicated that the foundation will help with design and production of the medal that will be distributed through the Quartermaster.

PCinC Orr brought up the idea of holding a Sesquicentennial Essay Contest for High School Students. This may help generate interest in the Civil War.

A special presentation was made to PCinC Leo Kennedy for his past year’s service to our order as Commander-in-Chief.

A clarification was made that the National Membership at Large Officer and Banner Editor do not have to be elected or appointed every year. This would be required only if a change is required in the position.

A general discussion about licenses was held. Members were reminded that licenses can be renewed for a second year only.
(1) A motion to approve all requested license renewals was seconded and passed unanimously. (Motion Passed)
The following new licenses were considered:
- Station Banners: Discussion ensued. Our Nat. Treasurer believes things required by ritual should be only provided only through the Quartermaster.
(2) A motion to approve the request to allow the requesting Camp to produce station banners was seconded and unanimously failed. (Motion Failed)
- License Plates: Discussion ensured. A concern about the clarity of the graphics was discussed and it was agreed that the Camp name should be listed on the license plate.
(3) A motion to return the license requests explaining the deficiencies in the product and urging them to correct and resubmit was seconded and unanimously passed (Motion Passed)
The Quartermaster brought up the subject of making available SUVCW Grave Flags similar to those used by other organization. Discussion ensued.
(4) A motion for the Quartermaster to procure and make available SUVCW Grave Flags was seconded and unanimously approved.
The Treasurer brought up idea of having SUVCW Guidon flags produced (Colors would indicate level – National, Department or Camp.). Each would be custom made. The Quartermaster agreed to produce and present a sample at the Gettysburg Council of Administration meeting.

The Encampment directed that the Council of Administration form a Long Range Financial Committee to construct a long range financial plan (10 years) to be presented at the next National encampment. This committee will make recommendations on how to improve financial planning for the Order and present recommendations. Membership will be Brothers: Perley Mellor, William Vieira, and Ken Freshley.

PCinC Grim was assigned to head a committee to make recommendations on investing our organization’s assets. Don Darby will be a member with invitations to Glen Knight and Bruce Gosling. There as another volunteer who provided their card at the Encampment who will be contacted also.

The CinC appointed PCinC Grim to chair the committee. This committee should be open to look at any and myriad funding opportunities or programs.

Brothers Bob Petrovic, Ken Freshley and Tad Campbell will serve on the Civil War Memorials Committee.

A discussion on rudeness to the Orders official photographer (pushed, blocked, etc.) was held. Brother Newman made suggestion that at Encampments, an announcement be made that we have an official Photographer, identify them, and state that the official photographer is not not to be interfered with in the conduct of their many duties.

Chaplain Kowalski brought up that we must address members with disabilities not being allowed to ingress or egress during the time when the doors are sealed. It was explained that at the Encampment, during a “non-voting” period, one of our disabled members was barred from leaving the room when attempting to use the rest room. A discussion was held on this. It was noted that it is against the rules at any time to prevent a member from leaving the room. The room is only sealed in regards to reentry during those times. The rules on this must be well instructed to the Encampment guides. This should also be incorporated in the Encampment Guidebook managed by the National Encampment Selection Committee.

Chaplain Kowalski asked about the possibility of having official photographs made part of the Encampment proceedings. Discussion followed. It was determined that adding them would substantially slow the downloading. There is always a “Gallery” section on the website with photos from each Encampment.

In order to be in line with the Per Capita increase directed by the Encampment, there is a need to re-set the Life Membership.
(5) A motion to set the life members increase at $4.00 was seconded and unanimously passed. (Motion Passed)
(6) A motion to excused members serving in active combat zones from their dues was seconded and unanimously passed. (Motion Passed)
A discussion about recognizing our membership serving in active combat zones was discussed.
(7) A motion by PCinC Wheeler to have the Secretary send a card to all known members serving in active combat zones yearly was seconded and unanimously passed. (Motion Passed)
A previous request from the Department of Maryland to grant an Honorary Membership in the SUVCW to renowned Civil War historian and veteran member of the National Park Service Ed Bearrs was reconsidered. Expenses for this membership (certificate and badge) would be borne by the National Order. After discussion on the merits:
(8) A motion to approve an Honorary Membership for Ed Bearrs was seconded and unanimously approved. (Motion Passed)

A previous request from the Department of Kentucky to grant an Honorary Membership in the SUVCW to Gaye Clark (previously discussed on Thursday) was considered. Discussion followed. There was concern the recommendation had a significant lack of evidence of service to the Nation which is a part of the award requirements.
(9) A motion to approve an Honorary Membership for Gaye Clark was seconded and unanimously failed. (Motion Failed)

The Council of Administration wishes to add that this decision does not in any way limit the Department or Camp to consider and award for Ms. Clark.

The Treasurer discussed the budget and indicated it needed to be approved by the Council of Administration. Discussion followed.
(10) A motion to approve the final budget was seconded and approved unanimously. (Motion Passed)
A discussion on increasing charter fees as a method of raising funds for the Order was held.
(11) A motion by Brother Palmer to raise Charter Fees to $50 was seconded. This motion was ruled out of order and this matter will be referred to the Constitution and Regulations Committee.

A discussion the quality of Eagle Scout and Membership Certificates (resulting from comments made on the floor of the Encampment) was enjoined. The Quartermaster assured the Council that there was a bad batch of certificates and that this problem has been taken care of and that all poor quality old stock has been destroyed. He also advised that there is no problem with removing the cheaper blue colored membership certificates from the inventory and no longer have them for sale. PCinC Wheeler will work with Brother Petrovic on an 8.5 X 11 color membership form that will then be available both online and in the Quartermaster store.
Our Photographer’s contract with the Order was discussed. The Photographer wishes changes be made that would change the format of photographs from film to digital.
(12) A motion to allow the photographer to change format to digital was seconded and unanimously (Brother Petrovic abstained) approved. (Motion Passed)
(13) A motion for PCinC Pahl to draft a formal contract for required signatures was seconded, and approved unanimously (Brother Petrovic abstained) (Motion Passed)

A discussion on the need to renew our contract with the National Executive Directory was held.
(14) A motion to authorize PCinC Pahl to renegotiate a new contract with the executive director was seconded and passed unanimously.

Our Treasurer brought up an IRS issue. We must develop a conflict of interest policy and need officers to sign it. The treasurer will draft a policy and bring to the Gettysburg meeting for approval.

The Quartermaster announced that $5,400 was generated at the Quartermasters store during the course of this year’s Encampment.

There was a discussion the possibility of raising the Encampment Registration fee from the current $7. It was explained that the fee was only to cover the cost of producing the Proceedings and the cost of reproducing Encampment related reports. It was also explained that the registration fee does not cover the medal. The medal is a gift from the host department. Should it be more? Should “at the door” be raised to $15? (pre would remain at $7) Discussion followed.
(14) A motion to increase the pre-registration Encampment fee to $10 and the “at the door” fee to $20 was made, seconded and unanimously approved (Motion Passed)

(15) A motion to approve the Thursday pre-Encampment COA minutes was seconded and unanimously approved. (Motion Passed)

A discussion on the outstanding issues of the Proceedings was held. It was agreed that the proceedings issue be resolved immediately because of its negative effect on attaining 504.c.3 status for our Order. After his volunteering, it was agreed that Brother William Vieira with the assistance of the Proceedings Secretary will work on this problem.

(16) A motion was made that, in time for the Gettysburg COA meeting, positive action will be taken on the Proceedings for PCinC Johnson and PCinC Powell and a draft agenda for the resolution of Proceedings of PCinC Atkinson and PCinC Corfman will be presented was seconded and unanimously approved. (Motion Passed)

A discussion on how to put an appeal for donations to the order in the banner or wrapper was enjoined. No motion made.

(17) A motion that the yearly Banner insert that lists the incoming SUVCW officers remain intact was seconded and failed (with one opposed). (Motion Failed)

(18) A motion that the Banner publishing policy be amended to only print the new incoming CinC, JVCinC and SVCinC and will refer readers to the SUVCW website for information on other elected or appointed officers and Chairpersons was seconded and unanimously approved. (Motion Passed)

(19) A motion that the Banner policy be referred to the Programs and Policy Committee for review with an eye towards less micro-management of the Banner Editor was seconded and unanimously approved. (Motion Passed)

A discussion on PayPal and some recent problems concerning PayPal’s, often unreasonable, requirement of Credit Cards and or Bank Accounts was lead by the Treasurer and Quartermaster. The Quartermaster suggested that if PayPal doesn’t give us any more serious trouble, we should stay with PayPal because it is very popular with his customers.

(20) A motion to instruct the Technology and Communications committee to review the feasibility of having a SUVCW Facebook page and if they deem it worthy of setting up and managing it was seconded and unanimously approved. (Motion Passed)

In regards to the Encampment raising per capita, the Executive Director requested direction. It was decided that the changes were effective immediately. This change also will affect the Internet membership applications. Any new member documents signed before today should be at the older rates.

Banner editor brought up the idea of having the Senior Vice Commander-in-Chief, as part of their duties, engage in fundraising activities. This recommendation is referred to the finance committee.

The CinC shared the new password for the Electronic Boardroom.

With no further business to come before the Council, Commander-in-Chief Schall asked National Chaplain Jerome Kowalski to provide a closing prayer and subsequently adjourned the meeting at 11:20 AM.

Respectfully submitted in Fraternity, Charity and Loyalty,
Eugene G. Mortorff, DC
National Secretary, SUVCW


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