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Council of Administration Meeting
August 15, 2004
Cedar Rapids, IA

The National Council of Administration meeting was held at the Collins Plaza Hotel in Cedar Rapids, IA on August 15, 2004. Council Members present were: C-in-C Stephen A. Michaels, SVC-in-C Donald E. Darby, JVC-in-C James B. Pahl, National Secretary Michael S. Bennett, National Treasurer Max L. Newman, National Quartermaster Danny L. Wheeler, PC-in-C Kent L. Armstrong, Council Of Administration Members PDC Robert B. Petrovic, PDC David P. Stephen, PDC Charles E. Kuhn, Jr., PDC Leo F. Kennedy, PDC D. Brad Schall, PC-in-C George L. Powell, PC-in-C Elmer F. Atkinson, and PC-in-C Edward J. Krieser. Also present were Chief of Staff Donald D. Palmer, Jr., PDC Todd A. Shillington, PDC Gary Gibson, PDC Les Weber, Camp Commander R. Keith Young, and SUVCW Executive Director Lee F. Walters.

Following an inspirational opening prayer by Brother Kuhn, and the Pledge of Allegiance led by C-in-C Michaels, the new voting members of the Council of Administration were introduced and welcomed. C-in-C Michaels thanked the Commanders-in-Chief for their service and guidance, and specifically cited PC-in-C Krieser for his hard work as National Secretary during the past three years. PC-in-C Kent L. Armstrong was then welcomed and invited to address the Council regarding use of the website Boardroom. Following a brief discussion, it was agreed that National Officers would continue to use the aol e-mail addresses currently in place, until National Webmaster Kent Peterson has addresses up and running. National Treasurer Newman will provide aol e-mail information to the newly elected Officers. PC-in-C Armstrong then presented Treasurer Newman with a love token from the National Auxiliary in the sum of $250.

CinC Michaels then brought up the subject of the Encampment Site Committee and the resultant concern over PC-in-C Charles Corfman's health. He announced that PDC James Houston would be chairing the committee with PC-in-C Charles W. Corfman and PDC Robert Petrovic serving as members of the committee. C-in-C Michaels noted that both the Auxiliary and the LGAR made a specific request to have input into the planning of the National Encampment.

The Council then addressed the subject of the Office of National Member-at-Large Coordinator. It was moved by Brother Petrovic and seconded by SVC-in-C Darby that DC Linn Hoadley be selected to continue serving in this Office. The vote was unanimous. It was noted that it would be desirable to clone Brother Hoadley, whose performance during the past year has been exemplary.

Due, in part, to Brother Hoadley's good work and success in having applicants quickly placed into Camps, and to the logical connection between the two positions, C-in-C Michaels suggested that Brother Hoadley would be an ideal candidate to serve as National Camp-at-Large and Department Organizer. It was so moved by SVC-in-C Darby and seconded by PC-in-C Armstrong. The vote was unanimous. It was further moved by PC-in-C Armstrong, seconded by National Quartermaster Wheeler, that NMAL dues be maintained at $30. The motion passed unanimously. SVC-in-C Darby then moved, and PC-in-C Armstrong seconded, that the on-line application fee of $41 ($31 per capita + $10 application fee) be maintained. The motion passed unanimously.

The matter of the Hearing Council charged with hearing the matter of charges filed against Brother Douglass Knight of the Department of Massachusetts by PC-in-C Armstrong (during his term as C-in-C) was then discussed. The six-member Council, a seventh member having been recused, deliberated over the evidence presented, and their findings were submitted to then-SVC-in-C Michaels prior to the National Encampment and to Brother Knight by priority mail. The findings will be included in a forthcoming General Order, after Brother Knight has had the opportunity to appeal.

Brother Petrovic then addressed the Council on behalf of the SUVCW Foundation. Having presented the Council with a list, last year, containing all of the items the Foundation wishes to receive license approval for, with regard to use of the SUVCW name and logo, Brother Petrovic moved that the list be accepted again and the licenses renewed for two years. JVC-in-C Pahl offered a friendly amendment to indicate in the list of merchandise that the lapel pin is not to be substituted for the membership badge or miniature badge. Following discussion, the amendment was accepted, the amended motion seconded, and the new motion passed unanimously.

On the subject of advertising in The Banner, SVC-in-C Darby suggested that Foundation advertising be provided on the paper wrapper which covers The Banner. National Quartermaster Wheeler moved that one page of Foundation advertising be included in The Banner each issue, either on the wrapper or an inside page. SVC-in-C Darby clarified that his suggestion had intended for the advertising to be on the wrapper, rather than the more costly interior pages. JVC-in-C Pahl offered the friendly amendment that the provided advertising be at no cost to the Foundation. SVC-in-C Darby noted that this was his expectation. National Quartermaster Wheeler accepted the amendment as that was his assumption as well. The motion passed unanimously. Extensive discussion ensued concerning the possible location for such advertising and costs.

Brother Petrovic suggested that a list should be created and maintained detailing all SUVCW licensed merchandise. National Secretary Bennett was charged with exploring this concept. He noted that, as all licenses were scheduled to terminate at this 123rd National Encampment, it should be a simple matter to start such a listing at this time, adding items as their licenses are approved.

Presentations were then made to the Council of Administration from Departments and Camps wishing to receive licenses to use the SUVCW name and/or logo on merchandise:

It was noted that approval was given to the Department of Massachusetts for use of the image of the membership badge and the words Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War on a Bumper Sticker.

A token/coin, produced by the Mitchell Camp 4, Department of Florida, for use only within their Camp and featuring neither the SUVCW logo nor the words Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War did not require a license from the Council of Administration. The National Secretary was instructed to notify the Camp of this decision.

SVC-in-C Darby moved, but without second urged that any Camps or Departments known to have merchandise requiring licenses, who have not obtained or renewed them as required at this meeting, be contacted by the National Secretary so that they may formally make such request of the Council.

C-in-C Michaels noted that the 123rd Encampment voted that the Programs and Policy Committee should review and revise the Certification of Election and Installation of Camp Officers Form 22 and the Certification of Election and Installation of Department Officers Form 49 to include space for full mailing and e-mail addresses, as well as the Annual Camp and Department Report Forms 27 and 35 to include an adequate way to recording Life, Honorary, Junior Members.

From the Resolutions Committee, it was noted that the National Secretary needs to look into a National Parks Department letter regarding funding. National Secretary Bennett was instructed to check with PC-in-C Grim regarding past action on this matter.

C-in-C Michaels informed the Council that PC-in-C Powell will chair the Rituals and Ceremonies Committee, and will be working on formalizing SUVCW funeral services for use by our membership.

Sample posters promoting Remembrance Day in Gettysburg were then shown to the Council. A favorite was chosen for use. Additional information will be added including indication of SUVCW and SVR sponsorship, our website address, and instructions to visit the website for event details. JVC-in-C Pahl moved that the cost for the posters come from the Special Projects Fund. SVC-in-C Darby offered a friendly amendment to direct that the funds come from the Contingency Fund. The amendment was accepted by JVC-in-C Pahl and the amended motion was seconded by National QM Wheeler. The vote was unanimous. PDC Stephen moved that the Constitution and Regulations Committee explore a possible change to the C & R, Article 7 Section 6, to add a National Officer to oversee and provide continuity within the Encampment Site Committee. SVC-in-C Darby offered the friendly amendment that the Committee report on their investigation at the November Council of Administration Meeting in Gettysburg. C-in-C Michaels noted that he can, and will, direct the Committee to do so. The motion was withdrawn.

National Treasurer Newman confirmed the policy regarding travel reimbursement policy for National Officers representing the C-in-C in attending Department Encampments. The sum of $300 is available to National Officers representing the C-in-C, with his authority, to assist with travel and accommodations.

Treasurer Newman then brought up the matter of our Order's inability to retain an accountant as no CPA can be found who will provide the services required for the budgeted amount of $2400. It was moved by National Quartermaster Wheeler and seconded by SVC-in-C Darby that Treasurer Newman be reimbursed the budgeted amount of $2400 for the accounting services he provides. The motion passed with Treasurer Newman's abstention. Brother Kuhn was not present for the vote.

After a brief discussion, C-in-C Michaels stated that he will authorize Council Member Stephen to further investigate, on behalf of the Council of Administration, the matter of an Iowa property potentially offered for SUVCW/SVR/Re-enactment use.

PC-in-C Krieser asked about the forthcoming use of e-mail addresses, and when they will replace the existing aol addresses. It was estimated that at least three or four weeks will be required, possibly more, and it was suggested that the aol addresses continue to be used throughout this transition, and that the new address be provided in the next issue of The Banner.

National Quartermaster Wheeler stated that there should be no interruption in Quartermaster service during the transition from PC-in-C Atkinson. PC-in-C Wheeler expects to be taking and filling orders within 2 weeks.

PDC Kennedy stated that there has been poor performance with the online Graves Registration database and that the current database is simply not functioning correctly. The previous seven month period has been an ongoing "test." SVC-in-C Darby recommended that the Graves Registration Committee Chair examine the situation for 30 days and then make a decision as to whether progress is likely to be made, or if other avenues should be explored. C-in-C Michaels gave PC-in-C Armstrong authorization to speak with the SCV regarding their experiences and current progress with a similar project. As there is some uncertainty as to how much should have been paid thus far for the services provided in this project, it was suggested that the National Treasurer and Secretary check the 2001 financial records and meeting minutes from the 2001 mid-winter COA meeting to confirm how much was allocated for this project, and how it was to be disbursed.

JVC-in-C Pahl provided copies of the revised Executive Director Contract/Retainer Agreement for the review of the Council, which contains changes to the contract including an increase to $15,000 per year, and acknowledgement of the many additional duties the Executive Director is performing beyond those originally outlined. JVC-in-C Pahl moved the revised agreement be approved. This was seconded by SVC-in-C Darby and approved unanimously by vote of the Council.

Amendments to the SUVCW Regulations, as approved by the 123rd National Encampment, were provided to the Council and will be incorporated into the Regulations and then forwarded to the Constitution and Regulations Committee for their approval. If/when approved, the revisions will be published on the SUVCW website.

JVC-in-C Pahl also noted that it would be helpful if as many SUVCW members as possible knew each others' e-bay user names so that we might have the opportunity to elect not to bid against our Brothers.

PDC Gary Gibson was asked if he could provide a list of Department symbols to the Council to be shared with the Departments.

The Council will maintain contact with the Department of Missouri, and the other entities involved, regarding the upcoming burial of a Civil War soldier in May of 2005.

It was then noted that the Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War 1861-1865 will be holding their 2007 Encampment in St. Louis as will the Sons. The Daughters have elected to cancel their own banquet in order to attend ours. Investigations are underway to see if the Daughters might hold their Encampment in the same hotel as the Sons and Auxiliary as well.

PC-in-C Atkinson brought to the Council's attention that, according to revised Regulations, past elected National Officers are entitled to wear the membership badge with a yellow ribbon. This ribbon is not currently available through our National Quartermaster. Discussion ensued concerning how the ribbon should be made available, either separately or already affixed to the SUVCW membership badge. National Quartermaster Wheeler will investigate this and the National Quartermaster's Order Form will be revised to include the new item(s), as well as the possible requirement of certification by the National Secretary.

Following a motion and second, and a brief benediction, the Council of Administration meeting was duly adjourned.

Respectfully submitted in
Fraternity, Charity and Loyalty,
Michael S. Bennett, PDC
National Secretary

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