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National Council of Administration

Meeting Minutes

12 August 2010

Overland Park, KS


The Council of Administration meeting was opened by Commander-in-Chief Leo F. Kennedy at 7:12 pm.

The opening prayer was offered by National Chaplain Jerome Kowalski, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance, led by CinC Leo Kennedy.

The roll of Council of Administration was called, with the following recorded as present:

Voting Members Present
Commander-in-Chief Leo F. Kennedy                       Council Member Robert Petrovic
Junior Vice Commander-in-Chief Brad Schall           Council Member Kenneth Freshley
National Secretary Donald D. Palmer, Jr.                   Council Member Tad Campbell
National Treasurer Richard D. Orr, PCinC                 Council Member Perley Mellor
National Quartermaster Danny L. Wheeler, PCinC   Council Member William Vieira

PCinC David V. Medert and Senior Vice Commander-in-Chief James Hanby were recorded as absent.

Non-Voting Members Present
Executive Director David Demmy                             PCinC Ed Krieser      
National Counselor Robert Grim, PCinC                   PCinC James B. Pahl
Banner Editor Stephen A. Michaels, PCinC              PCinC Keith Harrison
Washington, D.C. Rep Andrew Johnson, PCinC       PCinC Charles Kuhn
PCinC Bud Atkinson                                                  PCinC George Powell
PCinC Don Darby                                                      PCinC Richard Greenwalt

Guests of the Council of Administration
National Chaplain Jerome Kowalski                           PDC Alan Russ (Acting Program & Policy Chairman)
Asst. Nat. Treasurer Max Newman                           
PDC Steve Hammond-Dept of MD                           National GRO Bruce Frail
Mark Day – Dept of MD                                            PDC Blair Rudy – Dept of TX
Gene Mortorff – Dept of MD                                    PDC Tim Downey – Dept of KY


Commander-in-Chief Kennedy introduced PDC Blair Rudy who presented recommendations from the Civil War Sesquicentennial Committee. Commander-in-Chief Kennedy ruled that the recommendations should be brought to the floor of the National Encampment. He also noted that a medal must be made available for review by the Council of Administration before approval could be granted.

Commander-in Chief Kennedy introduced PDC Tim Downey from the Department of Kentucky, who recommended Ms. Gaye Clark for Honorary Membership. Motion by Council Member Bob Petrovic, second by National Quartermaster Danny Wheeler, to delay action on this recommendation until the post-Encampment Council of Administration meeting. Motion passed.

Executive Director David Demmy presented his report to the Council of Administration and highlighted his recommendation to drop requirement for Camps to submit Form 22. Motion by National Treasurer Richard Orr, second by Council Member Perley Mellor, to send this recommendation to the Constitution & Regulations Committee for review. Motion passed.

PDC Alan Russ, acting Program & Policy Committee Chairman, presented the report from this committee.

National Graves Registration Officer Bruce Frail presented recommendations from the Graves Registration Committee.

A recommendation was made by Council Member Petrovic to put a limit on funds allocated from the Civil War Memorals Grant Fund at $500. The Commander-in-Chief tasked Brother Petrovic to propose revisions and submit to the Program & Policy Committee for review.

Department of Maryland Commander Gene Mortorff requested time during one of the National Encampment business sessions to give a short presentation on the plans for the 2011 National Encampment. The Commander-in-Chief granted five minutes.

Mark Day from the Department of Maryland noted that Taylor-Wilson Camp received $2000 from the National organization to support their projects and expressed his thanks. He also noted that letters will be sent requesting support for the Chaplain’s Museum in Lynchburg, VA.

Break at 8:52, reconvened at 9:18

National Treasurer Orr began his report by noting that the organization is spending a lot of money on postage associated with materials that can be downloaded from the National website. In some cases, spending more on postage than the value of the mailing. PCinC Jim Pahl noted that the National Quartermaster can increase prices on merchandise without Council of Administration approval.

National Treasurer Orr presented the proposed accounting policy for the National organization. Motion by Council Member Vieira, second by National Treasurer Orr, to adopt the accounting policy as proposed. Motion passed.

On the subject of investments, National Treasurer Orr noted that a subcommittee of the Council of Administration or a Financial Advisor is needed to develop an investment strategy in order to increase revenues. Motion by Junior Vice Commander-in-Chief Schall, second by National Quartermaster Wheeler, to establish subcommittee to investigate investment options and report at the November Council of Administration meeting. Motion passed.

The proposed budget for the 2010-2011 administrative year was reviewed. Motion by National Treasurer Orr, second by Junior Vice Commander-in-Chief Brad Schall, to adopt Option 2 as the budget. Motion by Council Member Petrovic, second by Council Member Mellor, to amend original motion by moving the Council of Administration Per Diem up to Commander-in-Chief Representative Reimbursement. National Treasurer Orr offered a friendly amendment, accepted by both Brother Petrovic and Brother Mellor, to add another $2500 to bring the total Representative Reimbursement to $3500. Motion passed. Motion by Junior Vice Commander-in-Chief Schall, second by Council Member Petrovic, to amend the original motion to add $5832 to Civil War Monument Fund reserves. Motion passed. Original motion as amended passed.

National Treasurer Orr noted that the IRS will begin dropping not-for-profit organizations that don’t file their 990N’s by the specified dates. This includes two Departments.

National Treasurer Orr requested an allocation of funds from the Special Projects account to cover expenses associated with a display case to house artifacts that once belonged to A.P. Davis. Motion by National Quartermaster Wheeler, second by Council Member Mellor, to grant this request. Motion passed.

In an attempt to reduce costs associated with the BANNER, BANNER Editor Steve Michaels presented several scenarios. These scenarios ranged from reducing pages, to fewer issues per year, to greater use of the internet.

With no further business to come before the Council, Commander-in-Chief Kennedy asked National Chaplain Jerry Kowalski to provide a closing prayer and subsequently adjourned the meeting at 11:20 pm.


Respectfully Submitted in Fraternity, Charity and Loyalty,

Donald D. Palmer, Jr., PDC

National Secretary, SUVCW

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