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Council of Administration Meeting
August 12, 2004
Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Commander-in- Chief, Kent Armstrong called the meeting to order at 8:00 P.M. CDST. He thanked Brothers PCinC Elmer (Bud) Atkinson, PCinC Edward Krieser, PCinC Robert Grim and PDC Ronald Gill for their service to the Order as their terms expire this weekend. He then led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. All voting members of the Council were present as follows: Commander-in-Chief (CinC) Kent Armstrong, Senior Vice Commander-in-Chief (SVCinC) Stephen Michaels, Junior Vice Commander-in-Chief (JVCinC) Donald Darby, National Quartermaster PCinC Elmer (Bud) Atkinson, PCinC Robert Grim, National Treasurer Max Newman, National Secretary PCinC Edward Krieser, PDC Ronald Gill, PDC Robert Petrovic and PDC David Steven. In addition were PCinC Richard Greenwalt, PCinC George Powell, PCinC David Medert, National Counselor PDC James Pahl, and Executive Director PCC Lee Walters, National Chief of Staff PDC Michael Bennett, and PDC Todd Shillington.

Officers' reports were reviewed for possible Council action.

JVCinC Donald Darby moved, PDC Robert Petrovic seconded that the Pre-1996 Life Member Program reimbursement rate remain at $4 for another year. The motion was passed unanimously.

PCinC Bud Atkinson moved, second by JVCinC Donald Darby that the proposed budget as amended above be adopted. Passed by unanimous vote.

PCinC Robert Grim moved, SVCinC Steve Michaels second to approve CinC Kent Armstrong's recommendation to grant Honorary Membership to Attorney Carole Wildoner Walbert in recognition for her extensive volunteered legal expertise toward the recovery of Civil War era cannon that had been removed from veterans' memorials. Passed by unanimous vote.

PCinC Robert Grim moved, PDC Robert Petrovic second for the Order to pay the Remembrance Day expenses of insurance, streamers, mailing and postage for the year 2005 and onward. Motion passed unanimously.

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted in
Fraternity, Charity and Loyalty,
Edward J. Krieser, PC-in-C
National Secretary

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