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Council of Administration Meeting
August 10, 2006
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

The Council of Administration meeting of August 10, 2006, held at the Hilton Hotel in Harrisburg , PA , was called to order by Commander-in-Chief Darby at 8:05 PM. In addition to the C-in-C, Council members answering the roll-call of officers were Senior Vice Commander-in-Chief James Pahl, Junior Vice Commander-in-Chief Charles Kuhn, National Treasurer Max Newman, National Secretary Michael Bennett, National Quartermaster Danny L. Wheeler , Council Members Dan Murray, Leo Kennedy, David Stephen, D. Brad Schall and James Hanby, National Counselor Robert Grim, and Immediate Past Commander-in-Chief Stephen Michaels. Additional Past Commanders-in-Chief present were Charles Corfman, Elmer F. “Bud” Atkinson, Keith Harrison, Alan Loomis, Richard Orr, Ed Krieser, and George Powell. Guests of the Council included Executive Director Lee Walters, National Webmaster Ken Freshley, National Chaplain Jerome Kowalski, National Chief of Staff Henry Shaw, Banner Publisher John Hart, and Foundation Directors Robert Petrovic and Ron Gill.


C-in-C Darby offered his appreciation to the Council for the hard work performed by this body during his administration and noted that, in addition to good work, “we had fun doing it.”


National Chaplain Kowalski offered an inspirational opening prayer.


Banner Publisher Hart was given the floor to discuss The Banner, during which he reiterated his suggestion that a Banner Editor be appointed to add longer-term continuity in the publication of The Banner. More comprehensive content and less detailed COA Meeting Minutes were discussed and recommended.


National Webmaster Freshley presented a proposal to the Council for changing the current web hosting service, which would result in a huge increase in web space and services, accompanied by a significant decrease in cost. It was moved by JVC-in-C Kuhn and seconded by Council Member Schall that Brother Freshley’s recommendation be followed. The motion passed unanimously.

Council Member Schall proposed that Sheridan Camp 4, Department of California & Pacific, be granted a license to use the SUVCW name and logos on a patch. JVC-in-C Kuhn moved, and SVC-in-C Pahl seconded, that the license be granted for the duration of the 125 th National Encampment, to be reconsidered with other licenses at the Post Encampment COA Meeting. The Council unanimously approved.


C-in-C Darby complimented the Host Committee for their printed guide to the National Encampment. With minor modifications, such a guide should be made available to our membership.


A lengthy discussion and examination of National Treasurer Newman’s proposed budget was then held. Council Member Stephen moved and Council Member Murray seconded that the Banner Editor’s travel allowance be included as proposed. Further discussion included the Order’s need for accounting services. C-in-C Darby proposed that a committee of three be formed to find a CPA to take over the auditing needs of the Order. Brother Stephen made this a motion which was seconded and passed unanimously. Quartermaster Wheeler moved that we try to find members of the Order to assist with some specific short-term accounting needs. This motion was seconded by Council Member Hanby and passed unanimously. Brother Newman also noted that he would be rolling over three maturing CDs in September. SVC-in-C Pahl moved that the proposed budget receive the approval of the COA. This was seconded by Council Member Kennedy and passed unanimously.


National Secretary Bennett noted that a new supply of blank Charters and National ribbon was needed in order to complete Charters for new Camps. National Quartermaster Wheeler has a supply of both and will provide them. Brother Bennett also reported on his attempt to locate and catalogue National SUVCW records placed at the Carlisle War College some years ago.


Council Member Stephen invited those present to attend the Central Regional Association’s meeting on October 8, 2006, and further noted that the Civil War sesquicentennial is approaching and that a National Committee has already been formed. He encouraged our Departments to become involved with State Committees that are, or will be, forming as well.


Council Member Hanby reported that the patent documents and other items recently acquired / or re-acquired for the Sons will be presented to the Encampment along with a recommendation for their future disposition. He then addressed the Council regarding the Congressional Resolution he had obtained for the Order.


JVC-in-C Kuhn noted that he would like to bring a staff member of the hotel into the meeting room in order to express our Order’s appreciation for her hard work. The Council was agreeable to this.


SVC-in-C Pahl announced that many National records had been located, and were now being brought to our National Headquarters in Harrisburg so that they can be preserved, and made available for research and the use of our Order.

The subject of the Order’s ROTC medal was raised by National Quartermaster Wheeler, and following much discussion, Brother Wheeler moved that the National Quartermaster coordinate distribution of the ROTC medal. This was seconded by SVC-in-C Pahl. It was also moved by Brother Wheeler that a different supplier for the medal be utilized, and that the cost of the medal with ribbon and certificate be lowered to $5, including shipping. Brother Pahl accepted the amendment which resulted in Brother Wheeler’s amended motion reflecting this price. The motion passed with Council Member Stephen in opposition, and Brother Wheeler abstaining. JVC-in-C Kuhn moved, and Brother Wheeler then seconded, that the medal be made available, at the same price, directly to ROTC units that request it. The motion passed without opposition.


National Treasurer Newman moved that the expense reports used to obtain reimbursement for expenses of the Order be provided on the internet. This was seconded by Council Member Kennedy and passed unanimously.


PC-in-C Krieser brought up the subject of our Order’s mailing list, and PC-in-C Orr noted that it is not permissible for the mailing list to be used outside of the Order by any other entities without the approval of the National Encampment.


PC-in-C Michaels, noting that some National Officers would have terms ending next year, suggested that a Talent Search Committee be created, or expanded from the Accountant/Auditor Search Committee.


Council Member Stephen expressed his appreciation for being allowed to serve the Order as a member of the COA, and said it had been an honor and pleasure to work with those assembled.


JVC-in-C Kuhn offered a closing prayer, and C-in-C Darby adjourned the meeting at 10:36 PM


Respectfully Submitted in Fraternity, Charity, & Loyalty,

Michael S. Bennett, PDC

National Secretary, SUVCW


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