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Council of Administration Meeting
August 9, 2007
St. Louis, Missouri

Meeting Minutes (Revised 23 August 07)

The Pre-Encampment Council of Administration meeting was opened by Commander-in-Chief James B. Pahl at approximately 8:30 PM with the Pledge of Allegiance. An inspirational opening prayer was then offered by National Chaplain Jerome Kowalski. Upon the roll call of officers, the following were recorded present:

Commander-in-Chief James B. Pahl

Senior Vice Commander-in-Chief Charles Kuhn

Junior Vice Commander-in-Chief David V. Medert

National Secretary Michael S. Bennett

National Treasurer Max L. Newman

National Quartermaster Danny L. Wheeler

Council Member Leo Kennedy

Council Member D. Brad Schall

Council Member Daniel Murray

Council Member James Hanby

Council Member Eric Schmincke

Immediate Past Commander-in-Chief Don Darby

National Counselor Donald Shaw

National Washington D.C. Representative and Past Commander-in-Chief Andrew M. Johnson

Additional Past Commanders-in-Chief present included Stephen A. Michaels, Edward J. Krieser, Keith G. Harrison, Charles W. Corfman and Richard L. Greenwalt.

Guests of the Council of Administration were: National Chief of Staff Donald Palmer,

Executive Director Lee Walters, National Chaplain Kowalski, Assistant National Treasurer Eugene Mortorff, Banner Publisher John Hart, Foundation Director Robert Petrovic representing the Missouri Host Committee, and Brothers Neal Breagh from the Department of Michigan, Blair Rudy from the Department of Texas, and Commander Harvey Linscott from the Department of Florida.

Commander-in-Chief Pahl asked for a vote to affirm all votes of the Electronic Boardroom. A motion to do so was made and duly seconded, and passed unanimously.

A motion was made to amend the policy on the use of the name and emblem of the Order to add challenge coins to the list of items which Brothers, Camps and Departments are authorized to use the SUVCW name and symbols upon. The motion was seconded, and considerable discussion and debate took place, following which a vote was taken. The motion failed.

Brother Breagh was then recognized by Commander-in-Chief Pahl and given the floor to address the Council regarding a recommendation for Honorary Membership. After his presentation, and some discussion, no motion was made.

Past Commander-in-Chief Michaels then addressed the Council regarding his work as Editor of The Banner, presenting the 2006-2007 budget break-down and also showing a proposed budget of costs that would be incurred if the Banner was published by ProGraphics of Wisconsin. Banner Publisher John Hart was then given an opportunity to give his own presentation and proposal from Dunmore Publishing Inc. In addition to expressing their appreciation for Brother Hart visiting the meeting to share this information, the Council also extended their gratitude for his work on the Banner over the last six years, noting that the Banner has come a long way in that time. It was the Council’s position that they would provide advice and guidance to the Banner Editor, but would allow him the latitude to make the final choices he felt were best for the publication.

Commander-in-Chief Pahl then shared Council Member Schall’s request for clarification by asking the question, “What is the $7 Encampment Registration Fee for?” After discussion, it was agreed that as funds (currently $1500) are given to the Encampment Committee early on to help with some of their up-front expenses, the Encampment Registration Fee goes back to the National Organization to help offset that expense. It does not, as some have suggested, cover the cost of producing and distributing Encampment Proceedings, nor does it cover transcription and other related expenses. It was noted that the cost of producing Proceedings is in excess of $6000 per Encampment.

The subject of internet discussion groups, such as those hosted by Yahoo, was brought up and it was noted that at least two now exist for the Sons of Union Veterans. Discussion then took place regarding the use of the SUVCW name or logos being used on these sites, as well as what guidelines or restrictions should be followed. SVCinC Kuhn recommended that the matter be referred to the Program & Policy Committee for their review and recommendations.

Whereupon the Commander-in-Chief declared the Council to be in Executive Session and respectfully asked all guests to temporarily leave the meeting room.

Upon resumption of the regular meeting, PCinC Darby requested that the Commander-in-Chief issue a General Order directing that all PCinCs whose Encampment Proceedings are outstanding, and who are delinquent in providing the materials needed to complete those Proceedings, be required to turn over all such materials by the Gettysburg Council of Administration meeting in November of 2007. The Proceedings of any who do not comply with this Order will then be compiled with the materials that are available – even if that should mean that those Proceedings merely list the date and location where the Encampment was held, and the names of those who were elected to Office. The motion was seconded by SVCinC Kuhn and passed unanimously.

National Chaplain Kowalski was given a moment to update the Council on his progress with the Chaplain’s Handbook. He noted that he would be meeting with Camp and Department Chaplains during the course of this National Encampment, and asked for instructions as to what to do with this material when it is compiled. It was agreed that this should be referred to the Programs and Policies Committee for their review before it is made available to the membership. PCinC Corfman requested that it also be provided to the Council for their review, electronically, before being made available to the Order.

Treasurer Newman then updated the Council on our progress with submission of IRS Form 990s, noting that both the IRS and our new Auditors are working with us to bring this matter to a speedy resolution. He also briefed the Council on the IRS mandate that tax exempt entities must report to the IRS beginning in 2008 – the specifics of which reporting have not yet been determined. Those Camps or Departments that do not have an EIN (Employer Identification Number) are required to get one. Treasurer Newman then presented his budget for 2007-2008, noting that he had created a conservative budget for the coming year. With a couple of minor modifications, it was moved and seconded that the proposed budget be presented to the Encampment. The motion passed unanimously.

Treasurer Newman then presented the Council with a proposed Records Retention Policy for the use of the Order, based on the mandate of the IRS. PCinC Darby suggested that this become a part of our Regulations, rather than a policy. Council Member Kennedy moved that adoption of this schedule as a regulation be recommended to the Encampment. The motion was seconded by Council Member Hanby, and passed unanimously.

PCinC Darby then questioned whether all Brothers known to have materials belonging to the National Organization had turned them over for archiving at the National Headquarters as directed. It was unclear if a specific Brother had yet done this, and Council Member Schmincke agreed to make the necessary inquiry to confirm this.

Treasurer Newman then showed the Council a diagram of the design for a bench to be placed at the Grant Estate in Galena , IL . Some discussion took place regarding the specific text to appear on the memorial, which was followed by a motion from PCinC Darby that the additional funds required, less than $500, be allocated from the additional monies added to the Monuments and Memorials Fund. The motion was seconded by Council Member Schmincke and passed unanimously.

Secretary Bennett then brought up minor matters for discussion, including the completion of Camp Charters and the need for an update to the current ROTC application form. He also presented a newly designed Camp Organization Instructions Form 50 and Camp Charter Check-Off Sheet Form 53 , created to replace the current and somewhat outdated forms. It is hoped that these instructions will more closely match the current procedures being followed. They were referred to the Program and Policy Committee for its review.

Council Member Hanby noted that a resolution was provided to the National Secretary recommending that the CinC or his designee be present at the Andrew Johnson National Cemetery in Greenville , Tennessee for a wreath presentation in honor of the 200 th anniversary of President Andrew Johnson’s birthday on December 29, 2008 .

PCinC Darby, who will end his service on the Council of Administration at the conclusion of this Encampment, offered his thanks to the Council and Order for seven years of fun.

Council Member Kennedy also stated his appreciation to the Council, noting that his term of service has been an outstanding adventure.

Council Member Schall noted that he too has had a fun three years, so much so that he intends to run for another three.

Chief of Staff Palmer thanked the Council as well, and reminded the Council that he would be running for the office of National Secretary.

PCinC Krieser reported that a Disciplinary Hearing was held in the matter of CinC James Pahl v. Keith Ashley on August 9, 2007 , at which Keith Ashley was not found guilty by the hearing panel. PCinC Pahl directed that Brother Krieser forward his recommendations regarding the required use of all internal remedies before litigation is initiated for all matters relating to the SUVCW to the Constitution and Regulations Committee.

Compliments were offered to Chief of Staff Palmer for his outstanding work in soliciting, organizing and assembling all of the Officer and Committee Reports.

Commander-in-Chief Pahl offered his appreciation to the Council for their service, and with no further business to come before the Council, ordered that the meeting be adjourned at approximately 11:30 PM .


Respectfully Submitted in Fraternity, Charity, & Loyalty,

Michael S. Bennett, PDC

National Secretary, SUVCW


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