Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War

Council of Administration Meeting
August 9, 2001
Springfield, Missouri

A pre-Encampment meeting of the Council of Administration was held at the Holiday Inn, Springfield, Missouri.

Voting members of the Council of Administration (CoA) present were Commander-in-Chief (C-in-C) Edward J. Krieser, Senior Vice Commander-in-Chief (SVC-in-C) George Powell, Junior Vice Commander-in-Chief (JVC-in-C) Robert Grim, Past Commander-in-Chief (PC-in-C) Danny Wheeler, National Secretary Todd Shillington, National Treasurer James Pahl, National Quartermaster (QM) Elmer Atkinson, PC-in-C, and CoA members Kent Armstrong, Gary Gibson, and Donald Darby. Non-voting CoA members present were PC-in-C's Charles Corfman and Richard Partington. Attending as guests were Chief-of-Staff Ron Gill, PDC; Brothers Stephen Michaels, PDC, and Ronald Aronis of the Department of Wisconsin; Brother Robert Petrovic, PDC, Department of Missouri, and Brother Larry Roach, Department of Iowa.

C-in-C Krieser opened the meeting with an invocation.

Reading of the minutes of the March 10, 2001 meeting was waived, and the minutes were approved as published.

Treasurer Pahl previewed his proposed budget for the fiscal year 2001-2002. While there are several small increases in the proposed budget, and spending totaling slightly over expected income, Treasurer Pahl noted that with $27,417.65 in unspent funds from the 2000-2001 year, the Order is spending less than recent income. Zero based accounting principles do not allow this amount to be carried over to the present year as income, giving rise to the slight spending deficit.

The lack of a Life Member Program was discussed, with emphasis on the amounts felt necessary to charge to have a viable program.

C-in-C Krieser's proposed rules for the Encampment were reviewed. Discussions of possible new candidates for the position of Executive Director were made.

Council Member Armstrong proposed that the Order create a professionally made informative video to convey the SUVCW's purposes and intents to the public. In educating those unfamiliar with our organization, we would draw potential Members to our Order. Brother Armstrong proposed approaching Brother Brian Pohanka, and the firms he has worked with. Treasurer Pahl mentioned the possibility of using excess of reserve funds to produce the video. JVC-in-C Grim moved, seconded by PC-in-C Wheeler, that SUVCW explore the cost of producing the promotional video, and that it be reflected that the Council of Administration endorses the concept. The motion was carried unanimously.

Brother Stephen Michaels asked the CoA to please consider the use of Esco, Milwaukee, Wisconsin as a badge vendor. Citing recent problems with the current supplier, and outlining the objectives of his presentation, Brother Michaels endorsed the company owned by Brother Robert Erffmeyer. QM Atkinson explained that the problems the present supplier had with badge producing machinery in early 2001 had been rectified, with the primary source of the delay being the importation of foreign repair parts. Discussion followed, with SVC-in-C Powell inquiring if the dies currently owned and being used to strike badges would fit Esco's machinery. Upon request of C-in-C Krieser, no motions regarding the matter were made.

Brother Larry Roach, Commander of Huntley Camp No. 114, Department of Iowa, proposed an award be made available to Camps to present to ROTC and Junior ROTC Cadets on an optional basis, with the cost to be borne by the Camp. Consensus was that Brother Roach should bring his proposal before the Encampment.

A motion made by Treasurer Pahl, and seconded by SVC-in-C Powell, to approve a license to Benjamin Pritchard Camp No. 20, Department of Michigan, to produce and sell sweatshirts with an embroidered SUVCW badge was approved with one abstention.

SVC-in-C Powell moved, with a second by Council Member Armstrong, to approve a license to General Lytle Camp No. 10, Department of Ohio, to produce and sell a shirt with "Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War," embroidered above the pocket, and less the appearance of a collar device, as displayed. The motion was carried.

QM Atkinson moved to approve a license to Sydney Camp No. 41, Department of New York, to produce and sell a SUVCW badge medallion as displayed, either as is, or mounted on a desk set or paperweight. Seconded by JVC-in-C Grim, the motion carried with one abstention.

SVC-in-C Powell moved, seconded by Council Member Darby, that all licenses for the use of SUVCW copyrights granted at this meeting expire at the Encampment in 2003.

A proposal of Brother John M. Hart of Dunmore Publishing to produce The Banner was presented by SVC-in-C Powell. Included in the proposal was services provided, description of layout, and number of issues for a total cost. Paid advertising, to be sold by the publisher at a commission rate of 20%, in order to offset production costs was also specified in the proposal. A clause in the proposal, which made SUVCW responsible for uncollected advertising revenue, was generally found to be unacceptable. Secretary Shillington moved, with a second by Council Member Armstrong, to decline the offer of Dunmore Publishing due to the terms making SUVCW responsible for uncollected advertising revenue. After further discussion, in which PC-in-C Wheeler pointed out that the simplest solution would be for Dunmore Publishing to sell the advertising on a cash basis. On the basis of that discussion, Treasurer Pahl moved, with a second by QM Atkinson, to table the motion of Secretary Shillington, until SVC-in-C Powell could attempt to negotiate the point of cash sale advertising with John Hart. Motion carried.

A motion by Treasurer Pahl, seconded by SVC-in-C Powell, to refer a proposal of the Department of Missouri to host the 2007 Encampment in St. Louis to the National Encampment Site Committee was carried.

Council Member Gibson, as Chairman of National Memorial Grant Committee, read a letter from Mrs. Shirley Goerlich, requesting funds to help defray legal costs in her effort to return two memorial cannon taken from their place in a cemetery in Whitney, New York. Also requested were funds to help pay for the setting of replacement grave markers for Union Veterans. Treasurer Pahl moved, with a second by SVC-in-C Powell, that the matter be referred to the National Memorial Grant Committee, to determine if the request meets the criteria for a monetary award. The motion was carried.

Secretary Shillington moved that the budget for 2000-2001 be amended to allow for actual expenses that exceeded the budgeted amount. Seconded by SVC-in-C Powell, it was carried unanimously.

SVC-in-C Powell raised his concern on the publishing of the addresses of the Real Sons and Daughters in the Encampment Proceedings, as part of the report of the Chairman of the National Committee on Real Sons and Daughters. After discussion revealed that no complaints had been received, no motion was made.

Discussion on the matter of the request of the Superintendent of the Appomattox National Historical Park to have the opinion of the SUVCW on the presentation and interpretation of exhibits at the park took place.

Treasurer Pahl moved, with a second by SVC-in-C Powell, to approve the request of Department of Maine Commander Eric Boothroyd to elect and install the officers of Garfield Camp No. 1 outside of the dates prescribed by Regulations.

The meeting was adjourned by C-in-C Krieser.

Respectfully submitted in Fraternity, Charity and Loyalty,
Todd A. Shillington
National Secretary